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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
0141 Chun-Woo Lee Interpretations of behaviors of electronic/potential energy curves of highly excited Rydberg states of diatomic molecules in terms of generalized momenta in spheroidal (elliptical) coordinate systems by Gershtein et al's WKB method 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0142 Chun-Woo Lee Study of the correlation diagram between united-atom and separated-atom states in HeH+ by the quantum chemical multireference-configuration-interaction (MRCI) method and by the effective potential method in separable spheroidal coordinate systems proposed by Teller and Sahlin 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0185 Rory Ma Dynamics of mimic complex of [FeFe]-hydrogenase by using time-resolved wide angle x-ray scattering 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0235 Youngyong Kim Study of Manganese-Cobalt based Catalyst for Hydrogen Generation from Hydrazine monohydrate 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0244 yoonhee Lee Synthesis of copper-substituted Hydroxyapatite and application to dehydration of 1-octanol 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0324 Sebok Lee Intramolecular charge transfer reaction dynamics investigated by femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0327 TaeGyun Woo Unveiling the Complexity of the Degradation Mechanism of Semiconducting Organic Polymers: Visible Light-Induced Oxidation of P3HT Films on ZnO/ITO under Atmospheric Conditions 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0332 Euihyun Lee The relation between the Hofmeister anions and water structure at protein surfaces 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0336 JAECHANG LIM Atomic dipole approximation for quantum plasmon simulation of nanoparticles 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0359 HAN JOONG KOH Kinetic Study on Solvolyses of Thiophosphoryl Transfer Reactions 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0362 Song-Ho Chong Protein Conformational Space Discretization by Using Thermodynamic Order Parameter 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터

jinjae lee Density Functional Study on Metal Ion Selectivity of Theiophene Derivative Compounds 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터

Dae-Hwan Ahn Quantum Chemical Investigations of Intermolecular Binding Energy between Carbon Nano-tube and Aromatic Molecules 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0443 MdAlMamunur... The Surface of Acidic and Basic Water 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0534 ChangHo KIM The Optical Properties for Bilirubin-Inducible Fluorescent Protein (holoUnaG) 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0547 Sung Man Park Determination of relative population of isomers of s-trans and s-cis crotonaldehyde on the neutral ground state by VUV-MATI spectroscopy and Franck-Condon factors 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0548 So Young Eom Structure and adsorption behavior depending on various pH conditions of 4’,4’’’-(diazene-1,2-diyl)bis(([1,1’-biphenyl]-4-carbonitrile)) on silver surfaces 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0550 Do Won Kang One-photon mass-analyzed threshold ionization spectroscopy of hydrazoic acid 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0551 Do Geun Yoon SERS and DFT studies of 4-Aminobenzoic acid on silver surfaces in the presence of chloride anions 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터

Young Mi Lee Formation of deep chemical bonding between C and Ge in C (C: 1.5 wt.%) doped Ge2Sb2Te5 after phase-change 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0608 YoonJae Park Translation-Rotation Decoupling of Tracers of Locally Favorable Structures in Glass-Forming Liquids 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터

Hoa Thi Bui Advantages of Mobile Liquid-Crystal Phase of AIE Luminogens for Effective Solid-State Emission 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0704 You Na Kim Small Molecule Solvatochromism with Alkyne-Tagged Vibrational Probe 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0755 JuHyang Shin Dynamics of Ligand Rebinding to Cytoglobin using Time-resolved Infrared Spectroscopy 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0756 Seongchul Park Conformation-dependent Photodissociation Dynamics of C2F4I2 in Solution 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0762 Hanbit Park Synthesis of Ultra-small Pd Nanoparticles Deposited on CdS Nanorods by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid: Role of Metal Nanocrystal Size in the Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0840 CHANHEUM PARK Catalytic activity of Fe2O3 nanoparticles deposited on mesoporous Al2O3 bead toward toluene combustion 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0880 Junghwa Lee [발표취소] Crystalline structure analysis of carbon materials with micro-Raman spectroscopy 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터

Kyusup Lee Effects of External Electric Field and Anisotropic Long-Range Reactivity on Charge Separation Probability 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0916 FRANCIS KIR... Systematic Ligand Modification of TM Complexes for Improved Redox Potentials 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
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