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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
0139 Kyungmin Kim A colorimetric probe to determine NO2- using label free gold nanocrystals 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0156 Sujin Cho Analysis of Correlation between Structure of Linear Surfactants and Acute Eye Irritation Scores 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0157 Sung Eun Lee Assessment of Phototoxicity Inhibition of Flavone-based Materials 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0158 Sujin Yoon Sequential colorimetric detection technology of iron and mercury ions by etching and aggregation of gold nanorods 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0182 SUK YEN KO Morphological elucidation of porous PCL(Polycaprolactone) microsphere using various analytical methods 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0226 SOYOUNG LEE Effect of Adsorbate Molecules on Chemical Interface Damping in Single Gold Bipyramids with Sharp Tips 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0296 Hyunsook Jung Decontamination of sulfur mustard in sand, concrete, and asphalt matrices 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0309 MINJUNG SEO Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering of Gold Nanourchins with Sharp and Short Branches 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0335 Junho Lee Defocused Dark-Field Orientation Imaging of Single Gold Microrods on Synthetic Membranes 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0338 SeongWoo Moon Label-free Optical Biosensor Based on Chemical Interface Damping Using Gold-nanorods 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0431 geunwan kim Effect of Adsorbate Electrophilicity and Spiky Uneven Surfaces on Single Gold Nanourchin-based Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터

Minsoo Ji Synthesis and characterization of Li3V2(BO3)3 cathode material prepared by a citric acid based sol-gel route 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0567 Ji Won Lee Study of electrochemical properties for porous Li3V2(BO3)3/C as a cathode material its characterization using MAS NMR for Li-ion batteries 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0584 Adhikari Suraj Chromatographic Enantiomer Separation of Chiral Amines as Nitrobenzoxadiazole Derivatives on Several Polysaccharide-Derived Chiral Stationary Phases by Normal HPLC under Simultaneous Ultraviolet and Fluorescence Detection 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0690 Hantae Moon Forensic Platform for Identification of Human Saliva using MS-based Glycomics 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0730 Gyeong Mi Park High-throughput Automated Platform for Native Glycan Analysis using Liquid Handling System 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0787 hasanain najm Molecular level characterization of chemical compounds in crude oil deposit from tanks in Artawi oil field (Iraq) 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0823 Kwon seul woo Quantification of Inorganic Arsenic using Ion Exchange Membrane by Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0827 jinyeong choe Synthesis, dispersion and tribological potential of alkyl functionalized graphene oxide for oil-based lubricant additives 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0828 EunJeong Hwang Characteristics and electrochemical performance of silica coated carbon nanocoils composite as an anode material for lithium secondary batteries 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0870 JoonSeon Yang On-line proteolysis and glycopeptide enrichment using dual micro-scale porous polymer membrane enzyme reactor (μPPMER) and nanoflow liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry 국외소속 승인 3건 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0871 JongCheol Lee Effect of high fat diet on mouse brain lipidomes by nUPLC-ESI-MS/MS : Cortex, Hippocampus, Hypothalamus, & Olfactory bulb 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0872 Jae-Hyun Lee Analysis of HDL from coronary artery disease patients through bottom-up and top-down proteomic approach using flow field-flow fractionation and mass spectrometry 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0874 Young Beom Kim Steric Transition Phenomena upon Field Decay Patterns Using Frit-inlet Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0876 SAN HA KIM Profiling of lipoproteins from patients with mild cognition impairment and Alzheimer’s disease by asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation and nUPLC-ESI-MS/MS 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0884 Gwang Bin Lee Lipidomic analysis of blood plasma from patients among five differentcancer typesby nUPLC-ESI-MS/MS 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0896 Seong Hun Son An investigation on the various internal standards for the accurate determination of the arsenic species in rice 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0909 yoojeong yoon LC-MS/MS determination and pharmacokinetic study of Sorafenib in rat and beagle plasma 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0960 Hasan Jamal Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene-enfolded TiO2 Anatase as Anode Materials for Li-Secondary Batteries 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0968 HYERIM KIM Quantitative analysis of residual lactide in Polylactide by NMR and GC 45.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
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