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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
0215 Sung-ki Kim Suggestion of Explaining Method as Process Viewpoint in Conjunction with Buoyancy and Density 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
0223 Hee CHOI Development of a program to change a viewpoint of acid-base reaction from matter to process 51.Chemistry Education 포스터

Seung gyun Yoo Effects of particle viewpoint research program on science teachers’ conception of the atmosphere homogeneity 51.Chemistry Education 포스터

Hee Jin Noh What did pre-service science teachers in engineering design projects learn? 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
1611 Chulyong Park Reinterpretation about the mental model of acid and base -Focusing on application of models according to Context- 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
1664 HAK BUM KIM Supporting teaching practicum of pre-service chemistry teachers through social media 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
2003 MD SHOHAG M... Survey of Bangladeshi Science Lecturers’ perception on Universal Design for Learning 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
2088 Myung Nam Bae Analysis of Exhibits related to Chemistry in Busan National Science Museum 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
2192 hunsik kang Verbal Behaviors and Interactions in Processes of Making Written Test Items by Paired Think Aloud Problem Solving for Pre-service Secondary Teachers 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
2265 Minhwan Kim Some Features of Planning Lessons Using Analogies by Pre-service Secondary Science Teachers 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
2287 Jaewon Lee PCK Components and Their Integrations Considered in the Processes of Developing Constructive Performance Assessment by Pre-service Secondary Chemistry Teachers 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
2339 Jongwon Na Comparative study of Korean Science Education Curriculum and the United States Next Generation Science Standards(NGSS) for high school chemistry and life science connectivity 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
2340 Hyeoksoon Kwon Should Elementary Students Know How to Make Oxygen Gas? 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
2403 JEONGHEE NAM The development and effect of Collaborative Problem-Solving Instruction model in science education 51.Chemistry Education 포스터
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