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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
0170 Minkyung Kim Activating MoS2 basal plane with Ni2P nanoparticles for hydrogen evolution reaction in acidic media 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0191 Anand praka... Efficient electrocatalysis to water dissociation via chemical strain formation through anion substitution in ternary transition metal chalcogenides 54.Electrochemistry 포스터

Youngkyeong... Amorphous metal oxide containing Iron, Cobalt and Nickel by precipitational route for oxygen evolution catalysts and their activity descriptor 54.Electrochemistry 포스터

Ah-Hyeon Park One-pot sonochemical synthesis of Pt-M/C(M=Fe, Co, Ni) Nanoparticles from PtO2 precursor as durable electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0370 Sunguk Noh Hollow manganese oxides nanotube as a bifunctional catalyst for oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reactions 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0427 Jeongmin Lee Designing Hierarchical Assembly of Carbon-Coated TiO2 Nanocrystals and Unraveling the Role of TiO2/Carbon Interface in Lithium-Ion Storage in TiO2 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0548 Camerun Kas... Comparative Study of the effects of Au nanostructures on the electrochemical detection of Arsenic 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0581 Min Ji Seo As(III) Detection at Nanoporous Gold Electrode by Square Wave Voltammetry 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0594 Yumi Wang Oxygen Evolution Reaction on Nanoporous Gold Modified with Ir and Pt: Synergistic Electrocatalysis between Structure and Composition 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0635 Jungeun Lee Single water droplet electrolysis and detection using electrochemical collision event in organic solution 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0663 Yeong Il Kim Electrochemical and Optical Characteristics of Water Soluble Phosphate-Functionalized Naphthalene- and Perylene-Diimide and Its Zirconium Bisphosphate Multilayer Films 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0761 Kim Hae-Young Observing phase transition of a temperature-responsive polymer using electrochemical collisions on an ultramicroelectrode 54.Electrochemistry 포스터

Hyunil Cho Preparation and Electrochemical Investigation of TEMPOL Derivatives : Apply to Redox Flow Battery 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0812 Hoeun Seong Electrocatalytic CO2 Conversion to CO on Gold Nanoclusters in a Flow Electrolyzer 54.Electrochemistry 포스터

Heung seop Lee Preparation and Electrochemical Investigation of Naphthalene Derivatives : Apply to Redox Flow Battery 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0841 Yeji Kang Transition metal doped Sb@SnO2 nanoparticles for photochemical and electrochemical oxidation of cysteine 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0940 Wenjuan Shi Strong Metal-Support Interactions Enhance the Activity of Pd Supported MOx Electrocatalysts 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0975 Mrinal kant... Shape-Controlled Palladium Hydride Nanocrystals as Electrocatalysts for Formic Acid Oxidation 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
0978 Hee Jin Kim Ru branched RuPtCu nanocages as Electrocatalysts for Methanol Oxidation reaction 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
1000 Joonyong Park Ultrasonic-assisted Preparation of a Pinhole-free BiVO4 Photoanode for Improving the Efficiency of Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
1003 Jihyeon Kim The sonochemical preparation of Bi2O3/Bi2S3 for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
1009 Hee-eun Kim A Generalizable Top-Down Nanostructuring Method of Bulk Oxides : Sequential Oxygen-Nitrogen Exchange Reaction 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
1044 Achmad Yanu... FeOF Nanoparticles Wrapped in Graphitic Carbon Layers Derived from Fe-MIL-88B as a Cathode Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
1164 Junghyun Lee Exploring the Capacitive Behavior of Carbon Electrode Functionalized by Aggregated Cyclic-Edge Ethers 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
1279 Amol Bhairu... Electrochemical and spectroscopic investigations of calcium alloying/ de-alloying with tin for calcium ion battery 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
1287 Prabakar Ri... Calcium Storage in Natural Graphite as an Anode for Calcium Ion Battery 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
1297 Woowon Chung A Compromise between Grain Size and Surface Area: Implications for the Lithium Ion Battery Performance of TiNb2O7 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
1367 Thi Hoai Va... Novel salt based acetonitrile, propylene carbonate electrolyte systems for high voltage EDLC 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
1455 Dongjun Kim N, S-Codoped Mesoporous Carbon Derived from S-Modified Zn-MOF-74 with Enhanced Electrochemical Properties 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
1510 Loorthuraja... Altering the catalytic activity by tuning the electronic property of a catalyst via applied external potential 54.Electrochemistry 포스터
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