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- 접수기간 : 07월 18일 10시 ~ 08월 29일 17시(24시 기준)
- 수정기간 : 07월 18일 10시 ~ 08월 29일 17시(24시 기준) : 분야변경 불가, 초록 수정(삭제) 가능
08월 29일 17시 이후 : 초록 수정(삭제) 불가
검색된 초록 수 : 10
No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
1496 Hao Liu Rational design of Indium-doped TiO2 modified g-C3N4 for improved gas-solid phase CO2 Photoreduction: Interfacial coupling effect and reaction mechanism 12.Environmental Energy 포스터
1293 Sunho Yoon Development of magnetically separable Cu catalyst supported by steel slag for p-nitrophenol reduction 12.Environmental Energy 포스터
1026 Qasim Ghula... Dissolved oxygen and nitrate effects on the reduction and removal of divalent mercury by pumice supported nanoscale zero-valent iron 12.Environmental Energy 포스터
0966 Jiyeon Park Application of As(Ⅲ) Oxidation using Titania and Tungsten Trioxide Composite Catalyst Filters 12.Environmental Energy 포스터
0960 Dieu Nguyen Highly Efficient Luminescent Solar Concentrator Based on a Nanosized Metal Cluster-Polymer Hybrid 12.Environmental Energy 포스터
0951 Thi giang Ly Rhenium Sulfite Clusters for Solar Cell Application 12.Environmental Energy 포스터
0781 Byungguk Kim Arsenite oxidation by FeOOH polymorphs 12.Environmental Energy 포스터
0706 Kyujin Ko Porous magnetoelectric films of cobalt ferrite/polyvinylidene fluoride for effective fine dust removal 12.Environmental Energy 포스터
0635 Viet Huu Ng... Assessment of mercury bioavailability in Hyeongsan River deposits for earthworm Eisenia Fetida using diffusive gradient in thin films technique 12.Environmental Energy 포스터
0160 Hye-Ryun Cho Aqueous plutonium chemistry and thermodynamics at reducing and elevated temperature conditions 12.Environmental Energy 포스터
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