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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
1572 HyunMin Jang Dual frequency comb vibrational optical activity spectroscopy 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1537 Ga-Eun Lee Molecular Self Assembly of Dimethyl Trisulfide and Dimethyl Disulfide on Au(111) 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1528 Do Won Kang Conformational study of the neutral and the cationic 3,4-dihydro-2H-pyran by conformation-specific VUV MATI spectroscopy 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1510 So Young Eom Vacuum ultraviolet mass-analyzed threshold ionization (VUV-MATI) spectroscopy of piperidine: Determination of accurate ionization energy and conformation structure 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1502 Jin-Hyoung Kim Molecular Engineering of Two Manager and Host Iridium Dopants and Triplet Energy Transfer between them for Improvement and Optimization of Blue PHOLED Device Performance 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1459 Tae-Won Ko Observing fibrillation of human serum albumin in water with two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1368 Jin Gyu Seol Direct Evidence of Channel-Water Dynamics Related with the Structure Changes in a Transmembrane Ion Channel 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1366 Kyeong-Eun Kim Excited-state proton transfer of 7-hydroxy-4-methylcoumain in reverse micelles composed of various water-organic solvents by fluorescence spectroscopy 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1357 Minju Yun Solvent effects on the Raman spectra of p-nitroaniline, N,N-dimethyl-p-nitroaniline, and p-nitropheol in solution 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1356 Hyomin Kim Fluorescence spectroscopic investigation of the interaction of cationic surfactants with water-soluble polymers in aqueous solution 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1320 Ji Hye Lee A DFT Study on the Mechanism of Lithium Halides Catalyzed Hydroboration of Aldehydes with Pinacolborane 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1318 Namho Kim Identification of CPN-mediated Glutamate transport mechanisms upon its ionic charged status 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1300 Kyoung-Ho Park The Effect of the ortho Nitro Group in the Solvolysis of Benzyl and Benzoyl Halides 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1290 Hyejin Kwon Interpretation of Hofmeister series: Formation of an amide tautomer by divalent cations 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1264 Hyoung-Chul... Quantum chemical dynamics of the dissociative electron attachment to SF5-X:Cl, Br, F, C2H3, C6H5, CF3 and SF5 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1261 Seul-ki Han Molecular-Scale STM Observation on the Formation of Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au(111) Derived from Aromatic Selenocyanates 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1224 HyeonSeok Lee The Structural Origin of the Electron Affinity of Poly-Aromatic Hydrocarbon 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1211 Dongsun Choi Physical Properties of Self-Doped Colloidal Quantum Dots and Tellurium Element 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1199 HyunWook Choi Theoretical and experimental branching ratio about ternary cluster cations 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1166 Minhyuk Lee Generation of broadband Near-Ultra-Violet (NUV) source 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1165 Yeong sik Seon A field-portable GC for trace detection of volatile organic compounds in air samples 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1109 DongHyun Kim Theoretical Study on Hazardous Gas Adsorption Structure and Adsorption Energy Using Germanin Sheet Germanene Sheet 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1098 Jaemin Seo Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy of Transition Metal dichalcogenide Nanosheets 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1093 Jong Hyun Lee Two-Dimensional Ternary Composition Layered Structures with Wide Direct Band Gap 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1092 In Hye Kwak Two-Dimensional MoS2-Melamine Hybrid Nanostructures for Enhanced Catalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1090 Jisun Yoo NiSx Nanocrystals on Si Nanowire Array Photocathodes for Solar-Driven Hydrogen Production 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1086 Kim Doyeon Thickness-dependent bandgap and electrical properties of GeP nanosheets 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1084 Albertus Iv... Crystal Morphology Observation of Energetic Ink Formulations in Direct-Write Printing Patterns 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1083 Ik Seon Kwon Co-doping of Co and Ru into Metallic MoS2 Nanosheets for Overall Water Splitting 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
1051 Yeongseok Chae Lithium-Ion Battery Solvation Structure study at Low temperature with Cryostat 4.Physical Chemistry 포스터
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