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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
0549 Hye Jin Cho
Oral Presentation
Improving Solid-State Emission of Flat Aromatic Molecules by Edge-Functionalization with Picket-Fence Groups

Hye Jin Cho

Polymer Chemistry 구두발표
0449 Hyangmoo Lee
Oral Presentation
Reversibly cross-linkable block copolymer for self-healing polymer materials to enhance thermomechanical property

Hyangmoo Lee

Polymer Chemistry 구두발표
0424 Hayeon Kim
Oral Presentation
Glutathione-sensitive peptide amphiphile vesicles designed for efficient drug transport controlled by positionable disulfide-bridges

Hayeon Kim

Polymer Chemistry 구두발표
0422 Junwoo Lee
Oral Presentation
Ionic conductors using chemically linked ionic side chains and applications to thermally stable actuators and sensors

Junwoo Lee

Polymer Chemistry 구두발표
0184 Sunyong Kwon
Oral Presentation
Incorporating smart manufacturing in polymer extrusion process

Sunyong Kwon

Polymer Chemistry 구두발표