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Joo-young Kim Asymmetric total syntheses of (+)-aspidospermidine and (-)-tabersonine via regio-controlled Fischer indole synthesis 47.Organic Chemistry 포스터

Hyo mi Kim Intramolecular 2-pyrone Diels-Alder reactions towards asymmetric total syntheses of (+)-aplykurodinone-1 and (-)-platensimycin 47.Organic Chemistry 포스터
2182 Sungwoo Hong Fragment-Based Design of Kinase Inhibitors to Override Drug Resistance 18.Recent Drug Discovery Research in Academi... 심포지엄

Jaehwa LEE Solvent-Induced Structural Transitions in a Zn4O-Containing Doubly Interpenetrated Metal-Organic Framework 29.[SRC Symposium]Biomimetic Catalysis Based... 심포지엄
2180 Seong Hun Son An investigation on the various internal standards for the accurate determination of the arsenic species in rice 35.Oral Presentation of Young Analytical Che... 구두발표
2179 Jonghyeon Joo Orientation-Sensitive Imaging of Anisotropic Particle with New Interferometric Scattering Microscopy-type Method 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
2178 Kitae Kim Unique chemical processes in ice and its environmental impacts 25.R&D beyond Carbon Society I 분과기념

TaeWoo Lee Impact of Carboxyl Groups in Graphene Oxide on Chemoselective Alcohol Oxidation with Ultra-Low Carbocatalyst Loading 47.Organic Chemistry 포스터
2175 Min Hyung Lee Photonic Applications of Organoboron and Boron Cluster Compounds 8.Recent Trends in Organometallic Chemistry 분과기념
2171 Sunghoe Chang Iterative antibody reprobing for optical imaging in nano-scale 12.[Analytical Chemistry Division - JASIS (J... 심포지엄
2166 Inho RHA The Role of Chemists at the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 27.Scientific and Technological Talents Aspi... 심포지엄
2165 Juyeon Bang A portable gas chromatograph for in-situ monitoring of air pollutants 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
2164 Han Bin Oh Radical-based peptide mass spectrometry and IRMPD spectroscopy 9.Recent Progress in Electronic Structure T... 분과기념
2162 Nam-Gyu Park Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskite Solar Cell: Disruptive Photovoltaics 6.[Inorganic Chemistry - Materials Chemistr... 심포지엄
2160 Seong Ho Kang Dark-Field Illumination-Based Enhanced Fluorescence-free 3D Super-Resolution Microscopy 12.[Analytical Chemistry Division - JASIS (J... 심포지엄
2159 Bumjoon Kim Impact of Side Chain Engineering and Molecular Weight Control of Polymers in Performance of All-Polymer Solar Cells 4.Special Symposium by Leading Mid-career P... 심포지엄
2158 Minjae Lee Exploration of Novel Ionic Polymers and Their Structure-Property Relationship 3.Human-friendly Polymers and Their Applica... 분과기념
2157 Yousung Jung Accelerating Materials Discovery with Scalable Computations and Machine Learning 11.Recent Trend in Surface and Interface Phy... 분과기념
2156 Youngmee Kim Zn-MOFs Containing Flexible Dicarboxylates with 1,2-Bis(4-pyridyl)ethane or 1,2-Bis(4-pyridyl)ethylene Ligands 43.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터
2154 Taiho Park A novel strategy in design of polymeric hole transporting materials for green processable, dopant-free perovskite solar cells 4.Special Symposium by Leading Mid-career P... 심포지엄
2153 Yeonghwan Heo Design of electrochromic polymers for high color contrast with a long bistability 41.Polymer Chemistry 포스터
2152 Jaehun Park Time Evolution of Photoexcited Carriers in 1D/2D nanomaterials 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
2147 YOONKYOUNG ... Strain sensor with organic single crystal nanowires by direct printing 49.Material Chemistry 포스터
2146 MISUN PARK Relationship Between Particle Size Distribution/Particle Shape and Optical Properties of Gold Nanoparticles 49.Material Chemistry 포스터
2145 Chan Hyuk Kim Bispecific Antibody Conjugates for Cancer Immunotherapy 16.Current Trends in Organic Chemistry II: O... 심포지엄
2141 YUMI KIM Synthesis of Novel compounds having Ceramide structure and it's application 42.Industrial Chemistry 포스터
2140 Gwanghyun Ahn Optical Second-Harmonic Generation Spectroscopy of 2-Dimensional ReSe2 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
2139 Jae Hyun Nam Physicochemical characteristics of a liposomal system incorporated with dual anti-cancer drugs 44.Physical Chemistry 포스터
2137 Sunghwan Kim Reinvent of silk protein as an optical and electrical material 3.Human-friendly Polymers and Their Applica... 심포지엄
2135 JI WON HA Single Molecule Nanoparticle Catalysis with Super-resolution Fluorescence Microscopy 12.[Analytical Chemistry Division - JASIS (J... 심포지엄
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