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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
5863 hyunjun Jang Engineering, Expression and Structural studies of anti-inflammatory peptide, tIK 51.Life Chemistry 포스터
5862 jiho jung Home built solid-state NMR probes: relevance to practical research 50.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
5861 Sira Park Syntheses, crystal structures, and properties of dinuclear lanthanide(III) metal complexes with N-(2-pyridylmethyl)diethanolamine 48.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터
5859 Ji Sun Kim Engineered antimicrobial peptides and their structural studies using NMR spectroscopy 51.Life Chemistry 포스터
5855 Younghyun Wy Clustering of Au@Pd Core-Shell Nanoparticles Enhances Hydrogen Sensing Ability in Aqueous Solution 54.Material Chemistry 포스터
5852 Yunho Lee Elimination of organic contaminants during oxidative and photochemical water treatment processes: structural transformation and biological activity change 14.Recent Advances in Analytical Chemistry I... 심포지엄
5848 TaeMin Park Investigation of quantitative performance of paper cone spray ionization (PCSI) mass spectrometry (MS) 분석구두발표 50.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
5847 Jun young Park Liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) analysis of ganglioside analysis: the role of ammonium bicarbonate additive 분석구두발표 50.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
5843 Bo Kyeong Kim Small molecule-selective peptides screened from engineered phage library and their application to VOC chemiresistive sensors 51.Life Chemistry 포스터
5841 Li Wu Systematic Study on Hygroscopic Behavior of Ammonium Sulfate and Ammonium Nitrate Mixture Particles 57.Environmental Energy 포스터
5840 Namkyoung Kim Direct Monitoring of the Small Molecule-Target Interactions in Cells by Translocation of PKCδ Fusion Proteins 53.Medicinal Chemistry 포스터
5837 Xue Li Investigation of Chemical Compositions and Hygroscopic Properties of Aerosols Generated from NaCl and Dicarboxylic Acid Mixture Solutions Using In Situ Raman Microspectrometry 57.Environmental Energy 포스터
5834 YOUNGHUN KIM Mechanochemically induced synthesis of Ru, Rh, and Ir based macro-metallacycles via C–H activation 48.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터

JinUk Lee Mechanochemically induced structural transformation of COPs, [Ag(dmotz)(CF3SO3)]n to {[Ag(dmotz)(ClO4)]}, by anion-π interactions 48.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터

Jiwon Son Ultrafast Energy Transfer in an Artificial Light Harvesting Antenna System 49.Physical Chemistry 포스터
5826 Baek kyungnae Enhancement in microwave absorption properties of BaTiO3 particles through oxygen vacancies 54.Material Chemistry 포스터
5825 Do-Young Hong Conversion of ethyl levulinate to γ-valerolactone via catalytic transfer hydrogenation over zirconium based metal-organic frameworks 24.Functional Nanocomposite Materials 심포지엄
5822 Hongseok Yun Self-Assembly Control of Polymer-Coated Gold Nanocrystals 54.Material Chemistry 포스터
5820 On-Yu Kang [발표취소] One-Pot Synthesis of 2,3-Disubstituted 4-Quinolones 52.Organic Chemistry 포스터
5819 Ji Soo Seo Synthesis of Fluorescence Probes as Potential Tau Protein Tracers 52.Organic Chemistry 포스터
5818 Hyunjin Jeon Fluorescent biosensors for monitoring of signal molecules using signal peptide reconstitution 51.Life Chemistry 포스터
5816 JIYOUNG LEE Synthesis of interconnected porous carbon nanosheets with controllable pore size and their use as electrode material for supercapacitor 44.Oral Presentation for Young Scientist in ... 구두발표
5814 Weon-Sik Chae Exciton dynamics of binary perovskite under laser irradiation 49.Physical Chemistry 포스터
5813 Ji Hun Park Bioinspired Silicification for Silica Nano-Helices via Catalytic Peptide-Amphiphiles 52.Organic Chemistry 포스터
5812 minjeong jang Metastable species during the isomerization of C20 from dodecahedron into cage with 5 octagons and 2 pentagons 52.Organic Chemistry 포스터
5810 INSUNG CHOI Micrometric Iron Men 17.Current Trends in Biological Chemistry 심포지엄
5809 Junseop Lee Noble metal-based nanocomposites for electrochemical sensor transducer application 36.Oral Presentation of Young Inorganic Chem... 구두발표
5808 Tae Hwan Noh Construction and Chemical Phenomena of Coordination-driven Supramolecular Materials 36.Oral Presentation of Young Inorganic Chem... 구두발표
5807 Nam Ki Lee Single-protein tracking for direct observation of cellular process in a living cell 16.Special Session: Meet the Awardees of Sam... 심포지엄
5806 SU IL IN Trends and futures of CO2 utilization 28.Current Trends in Environmental and Energ... 심포지엄
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