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The Challenge to change from batch to continuous operation

2008년 9월 4일 14시 16분 49초
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목 17시 : 00분
저자 및
Oskar Fischer
Corning S.A.S., 7bis avenue de Valvins, 77210 Avon, France, Switzerland
The Chemical Industry over the past 200 years has in the majority used batch reactors as means for chemical reactions. Batch reactors have been and are still the logical way to extrapolate the results of laboratory tests to industrial production. In the refinery and petrochemical industry changing from batch to continuous operation has been done decades ago; however the fine and speciality chemical industry is still mainly relying on batch operation using stirred vessels. Global competition is building up in the Fine and Speciality Chemical industry, those competitive processes have to be evaluated and introduced to stay abreast. Safety and health considerations are gaining more and more importance, too. Continuous Micro reaction Technologies are emerging as a modern alternative to the traditional stirred vessels. The paper proposed will therefore concentrate on - Comparison of batch vs. continuous operation - Safety Aspects, with focus on volumes processed and kinetics - Economics, concentrating on yield and purity improvements as well as solvent reduction - Application Limits will also be discussed References A. B. Chevalier, “Corning Micro reaction Technology: a process intensification solution designed for industrial production”, Chemistry Today, 26 (1), pp. 2-3, 2008. B. C. Guermeur, P. Caze, “Modular Multi-injection Micro reactor for Industrial Production”, The fifth International Workshop on Micro Chemical Plants, Kyoto, 2007. C. B. Chevalier, “Microreactors for industrial multi-phase applications: test reactions to develop innovative glass microstructure designs”, Chemistry Today, 26 (2), pp. 53-56, 2008. Roberge, D. M.; Bieler, N.; Mathier, M.; Eyholzer, M.; Zimmermann, B.; Barthe, P.; Guermeur, C.; Lobet, O.; Moreno, M.; Woehl, P. accepted in Chem. Eng. Technol. 2008. Barthe, P.; Guermeur, C.; Lobet, O.; Moreno, M.; Woehl, P.; Roberge, D. M.; Bieler, N.; Zimmermann, B. accepted in Chem. Eng. Technol. 2008.