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Electrochemical deposition of V2O5 and Polyaniline Composite Films on a stainless steel with Controlled Composition

2009년 2월 2일 16시 36분 25초
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저자 및
박경일, 조원일1, 여인형2, 모선일
아주대학교 에너지시스템학부, Korea
1한국과학기술연구원 에너지환경연구부, Korea
2동국대학교 화학과, Korea
Conducting polymer and vanadium oxide composite materials are of great interest to improve the lithium ion intercalation properties, the mechanical properties, and the conductivity of the electrodes for rechargeable lithium batteries. In this work, vanadium oxide and polyaniline composite (V2O5/PANi) films with controlled compositions were electrochemically prepared by controlling the solution temperature. The V2O5 and PANi composite films on a stainless steel substrate were prepared by two consecutive steps in a conventional three-electrode cell system. As a first step, the PANi film was grown by a potentiodynamic polymerization method from a solution containing aniline monomer. Vanadium oxide was then deposited on this polymer film as a second step by a potentiostatic anodization method applying at +1.5 V from a VOSO4 solution. Temperature of the VOSO4 solution was controlled from 25oC to 60oC in order to control the V2O5 contents in the composite film. The composition of the electrochemically prepared V2O5/PANi composite films was analyzed either by a FT-IR spectrophotometer or by a thermal analytical method. High V2O5 contents in the V2O5/PANi composite films were resulted by increasing the VOSO4 solution-temperature for the V2O5 deposition step. Electrochemical performance of the V2O5/PANi composite film electrodes as cathode materials for Li battery are tested by assembling the coin-type (CR2032) Li cells with a battery test system.