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Chemisorption and Interaction of Molecules on the Silicon (001) Surface

2005년 2월 23일 23시 30분 25초
토8L5심 이곳을 클릭하시면 발표코드에 대한 설명을 보실 수 있습니다.
토 11시 : 00분
물리화학 - 물리Ⅲ: 이론과 실험의 상호작용 II
저자 및
김윤수, 안기석, 이선숙, 양택승
한국화학연구원 박막재료연구팀,
The interplay and collaboration of experimental and theoretical studies have become more frequent in the field of applied surface science in recent years. As new and industrially important chemicals are synthesized and new processes are devised, theoretical interpretations of chemisorption of these molecules and their reaction processes are now indispensable, particularly in atomic layer deposition(ALD). We recently devised a scheme for obtaining the hydroxylated Si(001) surface by eliminating chemisorbed chlorine with water to reduce the incubation period that is commonly observed for hydrogen-terminated silicon surfaces. A theoretical interpretation of this process is now due and an effort has been made recently by Choi, et al. with some interesting results. This theoretical work has also prompted us to investigate the hydroxylation process more carefully. Since our ALD precursors are quite new and no theoretical work has been done to explain their behavior, it is highly desirable to have theoretical support in interpreting various aspects of the precursors. In this presentation, a few of our ALD processes in which new precursors are employed will be discussed to hopefully invoke participation of more theoreticians in this important area.