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Hollow Polymer Hybrid Spheres with Silica Inner Shell for Non-Deformable, Core Exchangeable Properties

2009년 2월 16일 14시 44분 57초
금24I4구 이곳을 클릭하시면 발표코드에 대한 설명을 보실 수 있습니다.
금 10시 : 30분
고분자화학 - General Topics on Polymer Science II (일반 회원 발표)
저자 및
정현민, 김용석, 원종찬
한국화학연구원 화학소재연구단 정보전자폴리머연구센터, Korea
Fabrication of polymer hollow spheres and core-shell capsules has been considered as an important research field due to potential use in a wide range of applications.These spheres have been intensively developed to have various shapes and properties to allow them to function as nano/micro containers for controlled release, transportation, storage, and reactions of substances.1,2 To obtain functional hollow spheres, various synthetic methods have been reported and hybrid types of capsules also have been extensively developed. The major routes for fabrication are inorganic layer formation on hard and soft templates or starting with an inorganic particle template on which to form the organic layer. Although excellent control of shape and functionality is now available, for practical usage as micro-containers and reactors, there is still need for more control of structural stability and tolerance for various circumstances and processes (such as drying isolation, medium exchange, and core exchange). In this work, a simple preparation method for polymer-silica double layered capsules is described.3 These are fabricated through interfacial polymerization and successive formation of internal silica layer from pre-included precursors. This silica inner shell performs a role of internal framework to provide stability on flexible polymer capsules, which are deformable in polymer-swellable solutions. Therefore, core material exchange and complete removal of core substances, free from irreversible shape deformations, can be achieved. The hollow capsules with polymer-silica double shell, which have selective permeability depending on swelling tendency in solution, are stable for various manipulations of drying, isolation, core substances exchange, dispersion in various solvents and reactions inside capsules, to provide important characteristics for practical applications