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제113회 대한화학회 학술발표회, 총회 및 기기전시회 안내 Synthesis and Characters of Copolymers Based on Dialkoxy-CF3 Substituted Benzimidazole for Organic solar cells

2014년 2월 13일 16시 16분 43초
ORGN.P-786 이곳을 클릭하시면 발표코드에 대한 설명을 보실 수 있습니다.
4월 16일 (수요일) 16:00~19:00
저자 및
김주애, 서홍석1,*
부산대학교 화학관 427호, Korea
1부산대학교 화학과, Korea
Recently, conjugated polymers have been developed into useful materials for a variety of applications, including light-emitting diodes, organic solar cells and thin-film transistors (TFTs). Inserting fluorine atoms on acceptor units can improve the key factors of PCE including open-circuit voltage (VOC), short-circuit current density (JSC), and fill factor (FF). There are for a new processable, high-molecular-weight, highly conjugated benzimidazole derivatives, HS-5481, HS-5482, HS-5484 and HS-5485. In this article, we report the characterization of the newly synthesized polymer HS-5481, HS-5482, HS-5484 and HS-5485 that were synthesized by the palladium-catalyzed Stille and Suzuki polymerization. The UV-vis absorption of HS-5481 and HS-5482 exhibited maximum peak at 365 and 727 nm, 410 and 727 nm in the film state. HS-5484 and HS-5485 exhibited maximum peak at 440 and 679, 397 and 611 nm in the film state. The absorption onset wavelength of HS-5481, HS-5482, HS-5484 and HS-5485 were observed for 809, 828, 843 and 732 nm in solution, which corresponds to optical band gaps of 1.51, 1.48, 1.47 and 1.69 eV. The electrochemical band gaps, calculated from CV data, are about 1.68~1.98 eV, a bit more higher the electrochemical bandgaps estimated from the onset wavelengths of the absorption spectra, respectively. The device founded on the polymers HS-5481, HS-5482 showed VOC of 0.41 , 0.69 V, JSC of 0.54, 2.62 mA/cm2, and FF of 0.36, 0.4 giving a PCE of 0.08%, 0.72%.