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Searching for Functional Molecules based on Molecular Recognition

Submission Date :
3 / 20 / 2006 , 09 : 38 : 02
Abstract Number :
Presenting Type:
Award Lecture in Division
Presenting Area :
유기화학 - 유기2. Today and Tomorrow in Organic Chemistry - 2. Current Trends in Organic Reactions
Authors :
서울대 화학과,
Assigned Code :
금19G1분념 Assigend Code Guideline
Presenting Time :
금 09시 : 30분
A major focus of our research is on the development of selective synthetic receptors and sensors for biorelevant target molecules such as ions, peptides, carbohydrates and proteins. In particular, we present several fluorescent and chromogenic PPi sensors, which show high sensitivity and selectivity for PPi ions compared to other anions including ATP and ADP. This system can be applied for biochemical and analytical enzyme assays involving NTP and PPi. We present a new approach to sensing structurally similar carbohydrates in which arrays of synthetic differential MIP receptors along with pattern recognition can simultaneously identify multiple analytes. We are also investigating a new method for the construction of fluorescent probes that are useful for detecting a specific protein in homogeneous solution. We introduced a new approach to biotin-streptavidin assays based on a molecular tripod which consists of biotin, a fluorescent donor and acceptor. The emission intensity of the molecular tripods plus streptavidin increases compared to that of molecular tripods in the absence of streptavidin. We have been also involved in the development of self-assembled superstructures based on metal-ligand and hydrogen bonding interactions. Examples of the unidirectional helical structures will be presented.