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등록일 2017년 09월 11일 09시 30분 15초
접수번호 2515
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발표시간 목 13시 : 00분
발표형식 분과기념
발표분야 Organic Chemistry - Current Trends in Organic Chemistry I: Unexpected Reactivity and Selectivity
저자 및 공동저자 Sunwoo Lee
Department of Chemistry, Chonnam National University, Korea
제목 Development of synthetic methods using decarboxylative coupling of alkynoic acids
내용 Transition-metal-catalyzed decarboxylative coupling of alkynoic acids have been studied by our lab for a decade. Since our first report that palladium-catalyzed reactions of aryl halides and propiolic acids afforded the symmetrical and unsymmetrical diaryl alkynes in good yields, a variety of related methodology have been reported by many research groups including us. The development of simple and convenient method for the preparation of aryl alkynoic acids made it easy accessible tool for the introduction of alkynyl group in organic synthesis. Although the decarboxylative coupling of alkynoic acids and Sonogahsira type coupling of terminal alkyne showed similar reactivity in most cases, the unique reactivity of alkynoic acid has been found in the multicomponent reactions including metal-free reactions.
In this presentation, we would like to discuss some of our recent research progress towards the decarboxylative coupling reactions of alkynoic acids.
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