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제126회 대한화학회 학술발표회 및 총회 To Go Beyond Is as Wrong as To Fall Short: Anion Recognition in Water by Hydrophobicity-Driven and Aggregation-Induced Emission of Multicationic Fluorophores

2020년 9월 15일 16시 16분 36초
ORGN.P-403 이곳을 클릭하시면 발표코드에 대한 설명을 보실 수 있습니다.
10월 21일(수) 17:30~18:00
Organic Chemistry
저자 및
Soohyung Kim, Jongmin Kim, Dongwhan Lee*
Division of Chemistry, Seoul National University, Korea
The recognition of anions in water remains a key challenge in synthetic supramolecular chemistry. Existing strategies usually exploit the reactivity of receptors towards nucleophilic anions, while the detection of inert hydrophobic anions needs to rely on electrostatic interactions. We have devised a modular and readily reconfigurable multicationic molecular scaffold that exhibits aggregation-induced emission (AIE). In water, these molecules display selective fluorescence “turn on” response towards hydrophobic anion. A combination of scanning electron microscope (SEM) and dynamic light scattering (DLS) studies confirmed that such optical response has its origin in the anion-induced aggregation. Detailed structural analysis by X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy revealed that intimate anion–π+ interactions between the hydrophobic surface of the fluorophore and hydrophobic anion are responsible for this supramolecular phenomenon. We further demonstrated that the inherent hydrophobicity of these anion-responsive molecules can be modulated to achieve higher sensitivity by systematically varying the alkyl pendant chain length. In this presentation will be discussed key design principles, synthetic implementations, and rational strategies to achieve high-sensitivity detection of anion in water.