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129th General Meeting of Korean Chemical Society & Exposition Effect of Nanoparticle Materials and Shapes on Hot Carrier Generation

Submission Date :
2 / 28 / 2022 , 15 : 23 : 17
Abstract Number :
Presenting Type:
Poster Presentation
Presenting Area :
Physical Chemistry
Authors :
Ly Thi Minh Huynh, Seokheon Kim, Sangwoon Yoon*
Department of Chemistry, Chung-Ang University, Korea
Assigned Code :
PHYS.P-209 Assigend Code Guideline
Presenting Time :
April 14 (THU) 11:00~13:00
Hot electron chemistry is of paramount significance because of its applicability to photocatalytic reactions, solar energy conversion, and waste decomposition. The nonradiative decay of excited plasmons in gold or silver nanoparticles generates highly energetic nonthermal electrons and holes (namely, hot carriers) that can induce chemical reactions when transferred to nearby molecules. Among many decay mechanisms, electron-surface scattering plays a major role in the formation of hot carriers. Therefore, the hot carrier generation efficiency must sensitively depend on the characteristics of nanoparticles. In this poster, we present our recent experimental studies to measure the effect of nanoparticle material type, and shape on the hot carrier generation efficiency. These findings will contribute to the design of highly efficient plasmonic photocatalysts and photovoltaic devices.