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One-step Synthesis of Al-SBA-15-SO3H by Microwave

2005년 2월 17일 11시 40분 31초
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저자 및
David Raju Burri, Sujandi, 최광민, 한상철, 박상언
인하대학교 화학과 나노그린촉매연구실,
A series of Cex Zr1-xZrO2 (0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20 and 0.25) catalysts with different morphology was prepared by co-precipitation of nitrate salts of cerium and zirconium using NH4OH as hydrolyzing agent in the PH range of 11-12 at room temperature. The resultant hydrogels were divided in to three portions. The first portion of the sample is filtered after decantation of supernant solution followed by washing several times with water, dried at 100oC for 24h and calcined at 550oC for 6h in the muffle furnace. The second portions of hydrogels were aged at 100oC for 2 days. The third portions of the hydrogels were subjected to microwaves at 100oC for 2h. The subsequent treatments like washing, drying and calcinations were performed as stated above for second and third portions of hydrogels. The catalysts obtained from the first portion of samples exhibited purely monoclinic phase where as the other two series of catalysts displayed tetragonal phase predominantly. Apart from these three types of catalysts pure ZrO2 was also prepared using microwaves at different time intervals beginning from 30 minutes to 150 minutes. The precipitation and the end treatments like washing, drying and calcinations were as mentioned above. All of these ZrO2 samples exhibited tetrahedral morphology, which is essential phase for the highly active and selective dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene in the presence of CO2.