KCS 121st General Meeting

Subject The nanoparticles embedded bioorthogonal catalysts for the intracellular imaging
Code ANAL1-4
Time THU 16 : 40
Area Recent Advances in Analytical Chemistry I: Optical Sensor Platform Based Nanobio Materials
Type Symposium
Authors Youngdo Jeong
Biomedical Research Institute, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Chemical/biological information from intracellular imaging has accelerated the improvement of medical science and industry. The intracellular imaging through the direct delivery of organic dyes are challenging due to their photo-bleaching issue, short life-time, weak signaling. We have fabricated the biorthogonal catalytic system that can be generating the fluorescence dye intracellularly. This system is based on the water-soluble nanoparticles embedded the hydrophobic transition metal catalysts in their ligand shell. Also, the catalytic activity of the system can be regulated by controlling the binding between the nanoparticle and host molecules. The intracellular catalytic systems were used for imaging triggered cleavage of allylcarbamates for pro-fluorophore activation. The universal usage of this system will be applied not only intracellular imaging, but also diagnostics and therapeutics.

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