KCS 121st General Meeting

Subject Frequency comb referenced phase spectroscopy measures plasmonic dynamics with picometre precision
Code ANAL1-3
Time THU 16 : 20
Area Recent Advances in Analytical Chemistry I: Optical Sensor Platform Based Nanobio Materials
Type Symposium
Authors Seungchul Kim
Department of optics and mechatronics engineering, Pusan National University, Korea
Abstract Plasmonics can elaborate the interactions between photons and target chemical, biological, or atomic species. Plasmonic metrology is primarily based on the spectral shift of the scattering intensity spectrum; however, the use of colorimetric intensity measurements ultimately limits the resolution, detection speed, and linearity of plasmonic sensors. In this paper, we demonstrate the first use of a frequency comb to provide high speed, high precision, and high linearity to plasmonic rulers, with direct traceability to a time standard. The sub-nanometre 1.94 Å dynamic motion of nano-holes was measured with an unprecedented 1.67 pm resolution, which implies the realization of a fast and robust picometre-precision plasmonic ruler. Plasmonic field propagation here enhanced interactions by a factor of 155 compared to the physical sample length, which will provide an utmost precision to plasmonic phase spectroscopy for in-depth understanding of the dynamic motions of physical, chemical, and biological samples in nanoscopic volumes.
E-mail s.kim@pusan.ac.kr