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No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
0756 Seongchul Park Conformation-dependent Photodissociation Dynamics of C2F4I2 in Solution 53.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0755 JuHyang Shin Dynamics of Ligand Rebinding to Cytoglobin using Time-resolved Infrared Spectroscopy 53.Physical Chemistry 포스터
0754 Sang-Yoon Lee Enhanced Photofunctional Activity of ZnO Nanoparticles for UV-Vis Light Photodegradation 58.Material Chemistry 포스터
0753 KeumChul Seo GHz Band Selective Microwave Absorption Properties of Submicron Magnetite 58.Material Chemistry 포스터
0752 Hee-Kwon Kim Development of Oseltamivir Derivatives as Inhibitors of Influenza Neuraminidase 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
0750 Bo Wu Oxidative deacetylation of β-keto esters and its application to heterocyclic compound synthesis. 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
0748 Ik Joon IN Syntheis of pyrrolo lacton compound 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
0747 Bo-ram Lim A study of synthetic method for Unnatural carotene wire 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
0746 Xia Jiang a 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
0745 Minsoo Kim synthesis of carotenoids 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
0744 Hyebin Yoo Study of unnatural carotenoids. 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
0741 Mohammad Sh... Synthesis and Biological activities of Carotenoids Stabilized by Various Substituents 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
0735 Dahye Kim Efficient preparation method of 2,6-disubstituted-4-hydroxy benzoate 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
0734 Heeseon Lim Direct observation of delayed triplet-state formation through hybrid charge transfer exciton at organic/inorganic interface 11.Recent Trend in Surface and Interface Phy... 심포지엄
0732 Kyu Won Lee Plasticized Poly(vinyl chloride) Composites Containing Hyperbranched Polyglycerol-Tethered Graphene Oxide for Enhanced Mechanical and Gas Barrier Properties 50.Polymer Chemistry 포스터
0730 Gyeong Mi Park High-throughput Automated Platform for Native Glycan Analysis using Liquid Handling System 54.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
0729 Ki Jung Kim Hollow Mesoporous Silica Capsule with Few Surface Holes: Efficient Immobilization of Enzymes 58.Material Chemistry 포스터
0725 Yongwon Jung Engineered protein assemblies to utilize biomolecular multivalency 14.Frontiers in Chemical Biology & Protein C... 심포지엄
0724 Sang-Il Choi Noble Metal-Based Bimodal Nanocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in an Alkaline Electrolyte 22.Recent Advances in Electrochemistry 심포지엄
0722 Young Hyun ... Solar-Driven Water Oxidation by p-Benzoquinone Derivatives with Non-Heme Ion Complexes 국외소속 미승인 1건 52.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터
0718 Yeo Reum Park Catalytic roles of zinc finger proteins with structural integration 55.Life Chemistry 포스터
0717 Yeo Reum Park Optimal growth and development through salt-defense mechanisms in Suaeda glauca 55.Life Chemistry 포스터
0715 Jinheung Kim Diiridium (III) Complexes as Emission Probes for G-quadruplex DNA and Cell Imaging 39.Oral Presentation of Young Inorganic Chem... 구두발표
0714 HYUNSOO LEE Genetic incorporation of unnatural amino acids biosynthesized from simple starting materials 14.Frontiers in Chemical Biology & Protein C... 심포지엄
0713 JISONG PARK Synthesis of 1H-benzo [b] [1,4] benzodiazepine derivatives by Using silica sulfuric acid 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
0712 Yu Jeong Jeon Electrochemical Hydrogen Production with New Cyclopentadienyl Rhodium(III) Complexes 52.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터
0710 songmi Bae Synthesis of novel Amino pyranoses and Amino nortropinones 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
0707 Xiaoyan Jin A Critical Role of 2D Metal Oxide Nanosheets as Additives for Improving the Electrocatalytic Performance of Graphene 58.Material Chemistry 포스터

Saurav Sorcar Facile electrochemical synthesis of anatase nano-architectured titanium dioxide films with reversible superhydrophilic behavior 46.Current Trends in Environmental and Energ... 구두발표
0702 Seong-Ju Hwang 2D Nanosheets of Layered Metal Compounds: Efficient Building Blocks for Functional 3D Nanohybrids 19.Synthesis and Application of Two-Dimensio... 심포지엄
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