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등록된 초록 총 개수 : 1191
No. 발표자 제목 분야 종류
4710 Kyeong yong... Synthesis of Ascorbyl Conjugated Peptide Derivatives and Evaluation of Collagen Stimulating Activity in Human Skin Fibroblasts 57.Medicinal Chemistry 포스터
4707 Taejun Kim Comparison between the Diffusion-Influenced Reaction from the Lattices Constants 53.Physical Chemistry 포스터
4703 Yoon Jong Lee Super-resolution Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy 53.Physical Chemistry 포스터

SongYi Lee Global topology analysis of the permeable outer mitochondrial membrane by isotope-coded phenoxyl radical labeling in live cells 55.Life Chemistry 포스터
4699 Jae Ryeol J... Organometallic Compound Inserted Layered Clays for Enhanced Water Oxidation 58.Material Chemistry 포스터
4698 In Heo CRASY: The High-Resolution Rotational Raman Spectra of trans-1,3-butadiene and Its Isotopologues in the Vibrational Ground State 53.Physical Chemistry 포스터

Chu WANG Chemical and Computational Proteomics for Functional Target Discovery 국외소속 승인 1건 15.Mass Spectrometry in Chemical Biology 심포지엄

Jong Chan Lee High-resolution rotational Raman spectroscopy of benzene 53.Physical Chemistry 포스터
4694 Myeong-Gyun... Spatiotemporal proximity crosslinking by light activation (Spot-light) reveals RNA processing machinery on the mitochondria in live cells. 55.Life Chemistry 포스터
4693 Hyemi Lee Photo-induced Reversible Transformation of Azobenzene-containing MLD Films 58.Material Chemistry 포스터
4691 Hwan Jung Lim Development of NOV1701, direct c-Myc-DNA inhibitor, for novel anti-cancer treatment 19.The Cutting Edge of Drug Discovery Chemistry 심포지엄
4690 Hyemi Lee Curvature-dependent Growth behaviors of Zincone MLD Film on Nanostructured Surfaces 52.Inorganic Chemistry 포스터

Woojeong Chae Functional Indolocarbazole–Naphthyridine Foldamers via the Site-Specific Modification 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
4687 Lemma Tesho... Exploring the Role of Magnetoplasmonic Assembly in Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction Reactions 53.Physical Chemistry 포스터
4686 Lemma Tesho... Electrochemical Immunosensor using Nanotriplex of Graphene Quantum Dots, Fe3O4, and Ag Nanoparticles for Tuberculosis 분석구두발표 54.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
4685 Caifeng Wang In vivo feasibility test using transparent carbon nanotube-coated polydimethylsiloxane sheet at brain tissue and sciatic nerve 58.Material Chemistry 포스터
4684 Van Tan Tran Lining up Magnetic-Plasmonic Superparticles on Watery Substrate 58.Material Chemistry 포스터
4683 Caifeng Wang Synthesis of whitlockite nanoparticles in tri-solvent system as noble bone regenerative materials 54.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
4682 Van Tan Tran Structural Colorations of Magnetoplasmonic Metamaterials for Colorimetric Sensing 53.Physical Chemistry 포스터
4681 Ki-Jae Jeong Optical analysis of degree of deacetylation in chitosan 분석구두발표 54.Analytical Chemistry 포스터

Dong-kyu Lee Tuning plasmonic properties of 0-3D metastructure with self-assembled magnetoplasmonic nanoparticles 분석구두발표 54.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
4679 Junyoung Kwon A simple synthetic route for fct-FePd Nanocatalysts 58.Material Chemistry 포스터

Hyun-Woo Rhee In vivo proteome mapping by proximity labeling 15.Mass Spectrometry in Chemical Biology 심포지엄
4677 SangJin Oh Magnetic nanozyme linked colorimetric assay for rapid diagnosis of infectious disease 54.Analytical Chemistry 포스터
4676 Van tan Tran Optical Anisotropicity of Core‐Shell or Yolk‐Shell Ag@Fe3O4 Nanochains 54.Analytical Chemistry 포스터

SangJin Oh Industrial-Scale Synthesis of Superparamagnetic Fe3O4 Nanoclusters for Bioseparation and Theragnostic Probes 58.Material Chemistry 포스터
4674 Hui Wu One-pot synthesis of iron hydroxide hierarchical supraparticles 58.Material Chemistry 포스터
4673 Ahmad Mosen... Pt and Ru electrocatalysts using the synergistic effect of single atoms and nanoparticles for high hydrogen evolution 59.Electrochemistry 포스터
4667 Galam Jung Mono and bridged BODIPYs: their synthesis, structures and spectroscopic properties 56.Organic Chemistry 포스터
4665 Junho Jeon Suspect and non-target screening using LC-HRMS for identification and prioritization of emerging contaminants 26.Research Trends in Emerging Contaminants 심포지엄
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