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Highlights from the ACES journals (July 2019)
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Chemistry – An Asian Journal: Special Issue on πConjugated Compounds for Molecular Materials


Guest-edited by Satoru Hiroto (Kyoto University) and Jishan Wu (National University of Singapore), this Special Issue serves as a portal to the world of π‐conjugated compounds for molecular materials, covering vast topics, such as aggregation-induced emission, porphyrins and their derivatives, semiconducting and conducting materials, nanographenes, radicals, stimuli-responsive materials, and polymers. Enjoy free access until the end of October 2019.


Link to the Special Issue:







2D Elemental Nanomaterials Beyond Graphene


ChemNanoMat has recently published a Minireview by C.N.R. Rao, international advisory board member and the first Asian recipient of the Von Hippel Award. The review covers the latest advances in the field of elemental 2D materials beyond graphene and is free to read until the end of August 2019.


Link to Von Hippel Award:


Link to review: