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Welcoming Address

Joong-Gill Choi

We will promote chemistry we can cherish, and a chemical society we can take pride in.
Thanks to the passionate efforts and sacrifices of our members over the years, the Korean Chemical Society (KCS) has become a leader in the pioneering work and development of scientific fields in Korea, and grown to become a premier academic society in Korea. With the active participation and cooperation of some 7,000 dynamic members as our base, now is the time for the KCS to more actively pursue a role befitting its global status as well as continuing to advance aggressively toward the future. To this end, the executive officers for the 2014 term will serve with sincerity and humility, and realize to the best of our ability the themes of “Chemical Society for the Members,” “Chemical Society as a Global Leader,” and “Systematic and Transparent Chemical Society.”, ... (more)


Publications by KCS

ISSN(Print) 0253-2964
ISSN(Online) 1229-5949
Volume 35
Number 12
December 20, 2014
ISSN(Print) 1017-2548
ISSN(Online) 2234-8530
Volume 58
Number 12
December 20, 2014
Chem Asian J
ISSN(Print) 1861-4728
ISSN(Online) 1861-471X
Volume 9 (2014)
Asian J Org Chem
ISSN(Online) 2193-5815
Volume 3 (2014)
ISSN(Print) 1463-9076
ISSN(Online) 1463-9084
Volume 16 (2014)

Forthcoming Events

  • The 115th General Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society
    Dates : April 15~17, 2015
    Venue : KINTEX, Goyang


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