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2017 NICE International Conference (July 26 ~ July 28 Seoul, Korea)
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In this Issue

⊙ General Introduction                            ⊙ Abstract and Registration       

Committee                                           ⊙ Venue


Call for abstracts closing soon on May 25th, 2017.


Welcome Message

The purpose of NICE is promoting the communication between inter-Asian chemistry educators, exchanging the chemistry teaching strategies and materials in different countries, as well as sharing the fruitful results. The first symposium was held in Seoul in conjunction with the 19th ICCE, 2006, and the following symposiums were held in Taipei (Taiwan, 2007), Tokyo (Japan, 2009), Seoul (South Korea, 2011), Pingtung (Taiwan, 2013), and Tokyo (Japan 2015).

NICE 2017 will provide an ideal opportunity for all participants to share and exchange experiences and information related to important topics in chemistry education such as:

▶ Technology-supported Education (Instructional strategies, Use of audio-visual instruments in classes, Flipped-learning, AR/VR etc)

▶ STEM/STEAM in chemistry education

▶ Substantiality and Green chemistry education (Chemistry in daily life, Attitude toward chemistry)

▶ Curriculum standards in chemistry education reforms (Lab activities, Students' conceptions and conceptual change, Chemistry for excellence, etc)

▶ System renovation (Free Semester, etc)


Venue – Changdeok Girls’ Middle School, Seoul Korea

The dream of Changdeok Girls’ Middle School as a Seoul Future School is to create an environment where learning is fostered to meet the goals for a future society. This is done by utilizing cutting-edge technology, implementing new teaching methods and high-quality materials, using distinctive classrooms (Ondol-style room, small theater, etc), and state-of-art facilities.


Important Dates

▶ Early registration : 1 March 2017 ~ 31 May 2017

▶ Registration : 16 June 2017 ~ 25 July 2017

▶ Abstract submission : 1 March 2017 ~ 25 May 2017


Plenary Speakers

▶ Prof. Mei-Hung Chiu (Taiwan)

▶ Prof. Yasunao Kuriyama (Japan)




Jeong, Dae Hong (Seoul National University, Korea)



Kamata, Masahiro (Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan)

Lee, Shyan-Jer (National Pingtung University of Education, Taiwan)

Soon, Ting-Kueh (Institute Kimia Malaysia, Malaysia)


International Executive Committee

Apotheker, Jan (University of Groningen, Netherlands)

Cheung, Derek (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Chou, Chin-Cheng (National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan)

Chung, Hsiao-Lan (New Taipei Municipal Jinhe High School, Taiwan)

Fu, Li-Yu (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)

Hong, Hun Gi (Seoul National University, Korea)

Ikuo, Akira (Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan)

Imai, Izumi (Toho University, Japan)

Iwatoh, Eiji (Tokyo Gakugei University Senior High School, Japan)

Jong, Jing-Ping (New Taipei Municipal Jinhe High School, Taiwan)

Koga, Nobuyoshi (Hiroshima University, Japan)

Kuriyama, Yasunao (Yamagata University, Japan)

Lin, Jin-Wen (National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan)

Tanaka, Yoshiyasu (Tokyo Metropolitan Toyama Senior High School, Japan)


International Advisory Committee

Chiu, Mei-Hung (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan)

Do, Choon Ho (National Fisheries R&D Institute, Korea)

Ito, Masato (Soka University, Japan)

Karayama, Masaki (Toyo University, Japan)


Local Executive Committee

Bae, Joong Yeon (Pyeongnae High School, Korea)

Cha, Jeong Ho (Daegu University, Korea)

Cheong, Yong Wook (Seoul National University, Korea)

Choi, Ae Ran (Ewha Women’s University, Korea)

Choi, Won Ho (Sunchon National University, Korea)

Ihm, Hyuk (Munjeong High School, Korea)

Kim, Hyun Kyung (Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation, Korea)

Kim, Kyung Hwa (Changdeok Girl’s Middle School, Korea)

Kwon, Hyeok Soon (Cheongju National University of Education, Korea)

Lim, Hee Jun (Gyeongin National University of Education, Korea)

Lim, Sung Sook (Mangpo Middle School, Korea)

Nam, Jeong Hee (Pusan National University, Korea)

Paik, Seoung Hey (Korea National University of Education, Korea)

Park, Hyun Ju (Chosun University, Korea)

Park, Il Woo (Seoul National University of Education, Korea)

Park, Jong Seok (Kyungpook National University, Korea)

Seo, In Ho (Guaham High School, Korea)

Son, Jeong Woo (Gyeongsang National University, Korea)

Yoo, Mi Hyun (Ajou University, Korea)

Yoon, Hee Sook (Kangwon National University, Korea)

You, Sun Ho (Gangseo High School, Korea)


Local Advisory Committee

Choi, Byung Soon (Korea National University of Education , Korea)

Jang, Nak Han (Kongju National University, Korea)

Kang, Seong Joo (Korea National University of Education , Korea)

Kang, Soon Hee (Ewha Women’s University, Korea)

Kim, Jung Bog (Korea National University of Education, Korea)

Lee, Hwa Sung (Changdeok Girl’s Middle School, Korea)

Yeo, Sang Ihn (Gyeongin National University of Education, Korea)


General Secretariat

Son, Mi Hyun (Seoul National University & Muhak Middle school, Korea)


Contact Us

▶ E-mail:

▶ Website:


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