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RSC Desktop Seminar 안내
2020.07.21 조회 수 : 515

RSC Desktop Seminars are a new initiative from the Royal Society of Chemistry to bring cutting-edge research directly to you! Join Professor our Editorial Board Members/Associate Editors and RSC staffs for this latest Meet the Editor Online webinar!


RSC Desktop Seminar – hosted by RSC Chemical Biology

28th Aug, 2020,  16:00 – 17:30 KST


1)  "FITGE (Fluorescence difference In Two-dimensional Gel Electrophoresis) - based Target  Identification: New Tools in Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery”

Seung Bum Park (Seoul National University, South Korea / Associate Editor, RSC Chemical Biology)


2)  "RSC Chemical Biology: an innovative home for breakthrough discoveries",

Anna Rulka, (RSC, UK / Executive Editor, RSC Chemical Biology)


3)  "The next generation of RaPID display"

Hiroaki Suga, (The University of Tokyo, Japan / Chair, RSC Chemical Biology)


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RSC Desktop Seminar – hosted by Chemical Communications

17th Sept, 2020, 16:00 – 17:30 KST


1)  “Protein Organic Chemistry in Live Cells/Neuron/Brain”

Itaru Hamachi, (Kyoto University / Associate Editor, Chemical Communications)


2)  “Chemical Tools and Strategies to Study Multiple Facets in Alzheimer’s Disease”

Mi Hee Lim, (KAIST, South Korea / Associate Editor Dalton Transactions)


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