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17th Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Organometallic and Coordination Chemistry
2016.09.19 조회 수 : 1884

대한화학회 분과회, 지부(회) 소식 안내 - 2016년 10월

□ 무기화학분과회

  • 행사명 : 17th Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Organometallic and Coordination Chemistry
  • 행사일자 : 2016년 11월 3-5일(목-토)
  • 개최장소 : Haeundae Centum Hotel
  • 주최 : (1) Division of Inorganic Chemistry, The Korean Chemical Society
            (2) National Creative Research Initiative Center for Nanospace-confined Chemical Reactions
            (3) BK21+ School of Molecular Materials, Pusan National University
  • 발표편수 : 교수 구두발표(30편), 포스터 발표(30편 내외)
  • 담당자 : 이인수 교수(POSTECH,, 정낙천 교수(DGIST,, 이은성 교수(POSTECH,
  • 내용
    (1) Prof. Myunghyun Paik Suh “Modification of Pore Spaces in Metal-Organic Frameworks for Energy and Environmental Applications”
    (2) Prof. Makoto Fujita “TBA”
    (3) Prof. Kimoon Kim “Porphyrin Boxes: Organic Porous Cages and Beyond”
    (4) Prof. Tatsuya Nabeshima “Superamolecular Functional Systems with High Cooperativity Assisted by Metal Coordination”
    (5) Prof. Sung-Hwan Han “MOFs, a New Candidate for Semiconductor Beyond Silicon”
    (6) Prof. Shuhei Furukawa “Photoactive Metal-Organic Frameworks towards Gas Biology and Therapeutic Applications”
    (7) Prof. Shim Sung Lee “Thiamacrocycles as a Versatile Building Block for Discrete Metallosupramolecules, Metal-Organic Frameworks, and Nanomaterials”
    (8) Prof. Kang Min Ok “Solid-State Materials Containing Asymmetric Coordination Environment”
    (9) Prof. Hoi Ri Moon “Design and Exploration of Flexible Metal-Organic Frameworks”
    (10) Prof. Fumiyuki Ozawa “Palladiu-Catalyzed Direct Arylation Polymerization”
    (11) Prof. Bun Yeoul Lee “Synthesis of Polyolefin-block-Polystyrene Combining Organolithium, Organozinc, and Metallocene Chemistry”
    (12) Prof. Norihio Tokitoh “Activation of Dihydrogen by Masked Al=Al Doubly Bonded Species”
    (13) Prof. Tamotsu Takahashi “TBA”
    (14) Prof. Sensuke Ogoshi “Transformation of Tetrafluoroethylene by Ubiquitous Metal. Isolation and Reactivity of Intermediate Complexes”
    (15) Prof. Yunho Lee “C1 Conversion at a Single Nickel Center”
    (16) Prof. Wonwoo Nam “Biomimetic Meta-Oxygen Intermediates in Dioxygen Activation Chemistry”
    (17) Prof. Kazuyuki Tatsumi “Cluster Active Sites of Nitrgenase: Stereo-electronic Flexibility of Fe(Mo)-Sufide Clusters”
    (18) Prof. Hideo Nagshima “Iron and Ruthenium Disilametallacycles for Efficient Hydrogenation and Hydrosilylation Reactions”
    (19) Prof. Makoto Yamashita “Reactivity of Unsymmetrical Diborane(4) toward Multiple Bond”
    (20) Prof. Woon Ju Song “Design of a De Novo Metallo-Hydrolase with In Vivo Activity”
    (21) Prof. Sang Ook Kang “Ligand-to-Ligand Charge Transfer in Heterleptic Ir-Complexes: Comprehensive Investigations of Its Fast Dynamics and Mechanism”
    (22) Prof. Taeghwan Hyeon “Designed Chemical Synthesis and Assembly of Uniform-sized Nanoparticles for Medical Applications”
    (23) Prof. Shigehiro Yamaguchi “Phophorus-Containing Fluorophores for Bioimaging”
    (24) Prof. Munetake Akita “Photoredox Catalysis: Trifluoromethylation and Beyond”
    (25) Prof. Tae-Soo You “Phase-Transition Influenced Thermoelectric Property of the Ca5-xYbxAl2Sb6 (0≤x≤5) Series”
    (26) Prof. Hajime Ito “Gold Isocyanide Complexes with Mechanical Response”
    (27) Prof. Dongwhan Lee “Functional π-Conjugated Systems: Metal-Assisted Structuring and Destructuring”
    (28) Prof. Hiromi Tobita “Synthesis and Some Characteristic Reactions of Transition Metal-Germanium and –Silicon Triple-Bonded Complexes”
    (29) Prof. Takeaki Iwamoto “Facile Transformations of Novel Unsaturated Silicon Clusters (Siliconoids)”