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마감일 2016-10-01 

PhD Scholarships and Master Degrees in Australia


An opportunity to research alongside globally recognised researchers in state-of-the-art facilities.You can contribute to research into big global challenges in Energy and Health.

Develop new materials and new fabrication tools and optimise performance through arrangement of these materials.

Use these systems for energy conversion (solar or thermal to electrical) or storage (batteries and capacitors) or in medical applications through our extensive end-user networks.


Scholarship Opportunities

Funding is available for the International Masters degree program and for PhD scholarships.

Scholarships are available for study in each of the areas below.

Masters in Electromaterials Science: An opportunity to participate in training that will ensure you have the right fundamental knowledge and practical fabrication skills to make a real difference. You will acquire the skills needed to take fundamental advances in materials science into practical devices, for energy conversion/storage or medical applications. Studies will be undertaken at both UOW and Deakin Universities.

Masters in Biofabrication: Suitably qualified candidates may participate in this unique international degree. The course work provided will ensure you have knowledge across a number of traditional disciplines including biomaterials, cell biology, computer aided design and 3D printing, to undertake a research project in biofabrication. In undertaking your project you will become part of a team of researchers.

PhD Scholarships in Biofabrication: A newly established ARC Training Hub in Biofabrication provides opportunities for PhD level training. Projects will be in Association with either Cochlear, Anatomics or St Vincent’s Hospital. Projects include:


  • 3D printing of structures to encourage bone regrowth
  • 3D printing of structures to facilitate cartilage regeneration
  • 3D printing of flexible electrode structures.


A number of scholarships are also available for projects in 3D printing in collaboration with CSIRO. It is envisaged that successful candidates will carry out the projects in our Wollongong based laboratories as well as in laboratories of CSIRO Manufacturing.

ACES has also joined forces recently with the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute to undertake research into the following areas:


  • 3D Electrophysiology: Combining the expertise available in ACES to create 3D structures with inter-counted neurons strategically placed throughout we propose to develop 3D electrodes to integrate the functionality of such systems. This advance will be a critical component of our ACES ‘brain on a bench’ project that seeks to develop systems to understand the development of neurological diseases and test proposed interventions.


  • Injectable Electrodes: Preliminary studies have shown that organic conducting polymers can be used as electrodes to stimulate neurite outgrowth and improve the degree of branching and interconnectivity. This project will use (injectable) nano-micro particles of organic conductors to enable wireless stimulation using bipolar electrochemistry.


  • Wound Healing: Building on preliminary studies using a green seaweed extract ulvan we will explore the effect of distribution of anti-inflammatories and growth factors on wound healing. These structures will be created


  • A number of scholarships are available to support these collaborative research ventures.


  • The PhD Scholarships are approximately AUD$25,400 (non-taxable) per annum.



  • 3 years.


  • The closing date for UOW scholarships is 17 October so any prospective students need to send their expression of interest to Gordon ASAP as we have time to get everything ready in time for that UOW scholarship deadline.


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