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대학 Post-doc / Research Professor Position Opening
2016.11.10 조회 수 : 1207 마감일 : 2016.11.27

Post-doc / Research Professor Position Opening


1.  Position:  Post-doc / Research Professor (Faculty) in Dongguk University


2.  Candidacy requirement:  Ph.D.

    Applicants for Research professor should satisfy the following minimum requirements:

   * > 6 SCI papers ( >3 with first or corresponding authorship during 2014.3.1 – 2017.2.28)

   * Ph.D. with minimum 2 years research experience  


3. Field of interests:  All area of Chemistry & Material Science(Electrochemistry background recommended).


4. Major research area/experience suggested:  Energy conversion (Solar cells (DSSC, OPV, Perovskite), Artificial Photosynthesis, Photoelectrochemistry,

   Super capacitors, etc.) & All area of electrochemistry (experiences in electrochemical (bio)sensor is recommended)

   < visit for more information >


6.  Date of Appointment and contract: 

    * Research Professor2017.3.1 (2 year contract + extension every 2 years)

    * Post-doc: immediate opening. (1-2 year contracts & extension depends on the qualification)


7.  Salary level:

  * Research Professor: 40,000,000 – 60,000,000 KRW (~ 36,000 – 55,000 US$)

                    [or 30,000,000 – 35,000,000 KRW depends on qualification]

  * Post-doc: 25,000,000 – 35,000,000 KRW depends on qualification  


8.  Additional supports: 

* One way airfare to Korea (only applicable for non-Korean candidate moving in from outside Korea, for research professor position only)  

  * Additional incentive for each publication.  


9.  Contact/ Application Due:  Prof. Jae-Joon Lee ( by Nov. 27, 2016.  

       [Early-bird application before Nov. 24th is highly recommended]    


10.  Application materials required: 


       [On Application by email / immediate need for evaluation]

        *  CV (in detail with free format) and Cover letter (or self introduction with previous research history.

           Additional ppt form of previous research summary is highly recommended)

        *  Application form (file attached)

        *  Publication list (file attached, PDFs of each paper + proof of accepted papers)

        *  2 recommendation letters (directly sent to by email from references.  Offline letter may be asked if necessary)

        *  Photocopy of Passport and Alien registration card (If applicable)


        [Additional documents for final candidate]

        *  Academic transcripts & Degree Certificate (BA, MA, Ph.D)

        *  Letter/Proof of the verification of former Employment



< visit for more information >