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마감일 2017-03-21 

“Founded in November 2011 by Korea Government, the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) supports basic research within the entire range of natural sciences including physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, earth science, and astronomy by providing highly advanced, supportive, self-direct research environments”


IBS invites applicants for the positions of Associate Director who are senior-level researchers with high research potentials, and are able to run his or her own research group in collaboration with the directors within their Research Centers.


1. Introduction of the research center

The Center for Quantum Nanoscience (QNS) was established in January 2017 by the Institute of Basic Science and is located at Ewha Womans University in Seoul as an extramural IBS center. QNS aims to investigate quantum effects in solid-state systems with a focus on basic scientific research. Such quantum system at surfaces and interfaces are of yet poorly understood but hold the potential for use as quantum sensors with superior resolution and possibly as quantum bits in quantum computing schemes. The founding director’s research group focuses on the use of low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy to study transition metal and rare-earth atoms on clean surfaces. The director’s group aims to develop novel instrumentation and advance the state-of-the-art of our understanding of such quantum systems.


2. Job description

- Position A: Experimentalist

The associate director will conduct his or her own research group within the Center for Quantum Nanoscience. The advertised position is for experimental research with physical and chemical methods that is complementary to and synergistic with the founding director’s research group.

Candidates should have experience in:

  • Study of atomically controlled quantum systems at surfaces and interfaces, including their creation and characterization. Example systems may include:

    • Transition metal and rare-earth atoms at surfaces and interfaces

    • Single Molecule Magnets and related molecular magnetic systems.

  • Characterization techniques based on ensemble measurements such as photoemission, optical or x-ray absorption spectroscopy, spin resonance, and those based on individual systems such as scanning probe microscopy.

  • Development of cutting-edge research instrumentation


- Position B: Theorist

The associate director will conduct his or her own research group within the Center for Quantum Nanoscience. The advertised position is for theoretical research that is complementary to and synergistic with the founding director’s experimental research group.

Candidates should have demonstrated expertise in:

  • Modelling and electronic structure calculations of quantum spins on surfaces, point defects in planar materials with a focus on the derivation of spin Hamiltonians from first-principles calculations.

  • Calculation of quantum transport at the nanoscale, including dissipative quantum spin dynamics and the crossover from quantum to classical behavior.

  • Track record of successful collaborations with experimental groups in the area of quantum control at the atomic scale.


3. Requirements for the position

- Full-time commitment to research in Korea.

- Demonstrated long-term record of internationally visible scientific projects, including high-visibility publications and invited talks at international conferences.

- Experience with management of a research team, including postdoctoral researchers and students as well as collaboration with external research groups.

- Experience with management of large-scale international funding framework

- Demonstrated ability to become a capable representative of the Center for Quantum Nanoscience to the scientific community and the general public.

- Evidence of leadership, such as organization of international topical workshops, membership of Board of Editors in reputable journals, boards of directors of scientific associations and similar activities

- Successful candidate will become a professor at Ewha Womans University


4. Offer

- Authority to run his/her own research team.

- Sizable independent research budget.

- Tenured or permanent position.


5. General Selection Procedure

①Recruitment of applicants by public advertisement

②Selection of candidates for in-depth evaluation

③Symposium and in-depth interview by review panel

④Decision by the SEC(Selection & Evaluation Committee) about recommendation

⑤Negotiation with director

⑥Appointment by the president


6. Application Submission

- Please fill out the ‘Application Form’ in English and email it as a single PDF file to no later than March 21, 2017 (6 weeks after announcement).

   - E-mail title should include ‘Name of Applicant’ and ‘Name of the Research Center’


[ Contact Information ]

LEE Bee, Research Evaluation Team

Division of Research Service

Institute for Basic Science

70, Yuseong-daero 1689-gil, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea 305-811


Tel. No.: +82-42-878-8123

Fax No.: +82-42-878-8065


   * For more information, please visit IBS website (


7. Download link for 'Application Form' and 'FAQ'


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