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2020.06.16 조회 수 : 244 마감일 : 2020.06.30

Postdoctoral Position at IBS Center for NanoMedicine, Yonsei Universitry.


A postdoctoral position in Synthetic and Supramolecular Chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Dominik Lungerich is available at the Center for Nanomedicine (CNM), Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in Seoul, South Korea.


The project is funded by the Young Scientist Fellowship grant ‘Nanoscale Machines’. The successful candidate will join a young and ambitious, international research team, which is a part of the Organic/Inorganic Chemistry and NanoRobotics section at IBS CNM, with access to state-of-the-art facilities.


The position is available from July 1st 2020, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Research in the group is focused on synthesis and design of novel molecular actuators, supramolecular chemistry in water, and reaction design. We aim to understand how non-covalent interactions can be utilized to assemble nano- to microscopic architectures, and how we can utilize molecular actuators to design stimuli-responsive soft materials. We take inspiration from biological systems, which will lead in collaboration with IBS internal groups to the design of nanoscale robotics.

The project will explore the use of host-guest chemistry for the controlled construction of large polymer-based architectures, and the design of novel concepts for two-photon absorption dyes and molecular switches. These concepts will be developed towards the design of biologically compatible soft nanorobotics.

Responsibilities and tasks
The work will include the design, synthesis and characterization of molecular building blocks and supramolecular assemblies, analysis of dynamic processes by microscopic techniques, and physical studies using spectroscopy (NMR, UV-Vis, fluorescence) to investigate conformation, binding phenomena and self-assembly. Active dissemination of the obtained results, in scientific articles and through participation in international conferences, is an integral part of the job. The candidate hired to the position will also be expected to take some responsibility for guiding and training students in the group, and perform a limited number of administrative tasks.

The successful candidate should have a PhD in Organic Chemistry with experience in Supramolecular and or Physical Organic Chemistry. Previous post-doctoral experience is an advantage, but not required. Extensive experience working with spectroscopy (NMR and optical), chromatography analysis (HPLC, LC-MS), and/or organic synthesis is essential. Knowledge within the field of Biochemistry and Mechanochemistry is an advantage but not essential.

Most importantly, the candidate should be highly motivated, able to work both independently and collaboratively, and should be confident in both written and spoken English. The applicant should strive towards scientific excellence, be ambitious, and open to learn new techniques. Only applicants who seek to be among the brightest in their field and conduct science at the highest international level will be considered.

Contract renewed will be determined by annual performance evaluation and budget status.



A successful candidate will receive a stipend of 45.6M KRW per year.



Please email your CV and statement of interests to