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Full-Time Faculty Position for International Lecturers(Non-tenure track)Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology(GIST)
2012.12.04 조회 수 : 20031 마감일 : 2012.12.31



Full-Time Faculty Position for International Lecturers

(Non-tenure track)

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology(GIST)


Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology(GIST), a government-funded university in Gwangju, South Korea, is looking for dedicated international lecturers to fill the non-tenured track full-time position(s) listed below.


About GIST (

The Institute was founded in 1993 by the Korean government to meet the nation's demand for advanced research as well as to enhance the development of higher education in science and engineering. Since its foundation, GIST has taken a leading role in performing research and development in cooperation with industrial sectors. GIST is proud of the following records:

7th in the world in citations per faculty (QS World University Rankings 2012)

Nation's highest number of papers published in SCI journals per faculty for 10 consecutive years.


I. Positions available in the fields listed below

College & Graduate School

Subject Area

Suggested listings of

possible courses by candidates

GIST College

- General Studies



- Chemistry Experiment

  (project-based, open-ended experiment)

- General Chemistry

- Organic Chemistry

- Inorganic Chemistry

- Analytical Chemistry


II. Qualifications:

A. Foreigner (Non-Korean Citizen).

B. Applicant must be able to provide lecture in English.

C. Applicants should hold a doctoral degree in a relevant field (the degree must be in hand by the date of application).


III. Job description:

<GIST College>

A. Expected to offer two or three courses per semester (9 to 12 classroom hours per week) including lecture and related activities(recitation and laboratory)

B. Expected to offer office hours and student counseling

C. Developing curriculum and new courses in related areas


IV. Salary and Benefits: click here to more specific information

A. Annual salary range from 50,000,000won (about US$45,400) to 80,000,000won (about US$72,000) per year depending on academic experiences

* All GIST members have a legal obligation to pay tax based on the salary.

B. Relocation allowance of within 5,000,000won (about US$4,545) including the airfare based on the receipt

C. Housing provided

D. Children's educational expenditure of within 5,000,000won (about US$4,545) per year per child based on the receipt

E. Participation in Korean national pension fund (per government regulations)

F. Enrollment in nation health insurance program (per government regulations)

G. Medical examination every year

H. Vacation: 15 days per year


I. Employment Period: Within three years with potential renewal based on mutual agreement.


VI. How to Apply

A. GIST provides an electronic version of its application forms in Microsoft Word format, which includes sections for your resume, publication list, and lecture plan. Please download it from

B. Applicants must upload all application materials to

C. Applicants may be requested to provide three letters of profession recommendation (to be mailed directly to the school from the recommenders).

D. For initial screening, applications completed by 6 pm on December 31, 2012 (Korean Time) will be given full consideration, Note, however, that the search will continue until the position(s) are filled.


VII. Contact Information

Faculty-service Staff





November 21, 2012



Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology