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외국계 화학기업의 Regional Purchasing Manager(부장급) 모집
2013.01.29 조회 수 : 18833 마감일 : 2013.02.09

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외국계 화학기업의 Regional Purchasing Manager포지션을 소개드리니 채용정보를 검토하시고


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▷ 회사: 한국로디아

▷ 근무지: 서울

▷ Responsibilities
- Participates actively to the Global Packaging Category network, promotes innovation and best practices sharing
- Develops high quality relationships with the Business Units, Functions and Joint Ventures management in the zone

▷ Role
1)Is in-charge of all the steps of the Purchasing process for regional /Korea packaging categories
- Responsible for the day-to-day purchasing activities
- Accountable for the purchasing performance of the regional categories
- Leads the negotiation of major regional supplier contracts to deliver outcomes aligned with business and internal customer requirements
- Manages the communication and the roll-out of regional contracts in the countries & sites
- Ensures the compliance to the Purchasing process and to the Risk Management process
2)Is the key point of contact for regional / Korea packaging suppliers
- Manages regional supplier relationships
- Develops positive relationships with all major regional suppliers
- In charge of the assessment of the regional suppliers
- Ensures their satisfaction by taking into account their expectations and priorities
- Informs them of the purchasing performance on their scope

▷ Requirement
- Advanced academic qualifications (Business, procurement or related)
- More than 10 years of experience in a Purchasing function, with proven expertise in packaging relevant to the chemical industry
- Negotiation skills
- Excellent interpersonal & communication skills and a team player
- Fluent in English, other languages highly valued

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