Invited Lectures

Division Subject Organizer
KCS [KCS-RSC Joint Symposium] The 6th Organic Chemistry Frontiers International Symposium Chulbom Lee
Seoul National University
[KCS-SK innovation Joint Symposium] Recent Advances in Green Chemistry Taejin Kim
SK innovation
[Defense Science Symposium] Introduction of ADD's Researches and Future Sejin Lee
Agency for Defense Development
[IBS Symposium] Dynamic Soft and Living Matter Yoon-Kyoung Cho
[KCS-KWSE Joint Symposium] The Lifetime of Woman in Chemistry: The Past, Present, and Future of Woman Chemists Hyosun Lee
Kyungpook National University
[Laboratory Safety Education] Laboratory Safety Education for the Graduate Students Ik Mo Lee
Inha University
Luncheon Symposium with Sigma-Aldrich Award's Winner

Polymer Chemistry Special Symposium by Mid-career Polymer Synthesis Scientists Hyung-Il Lee
University of Ulsan
Recent Trends in Early-career Polymer Chemists Min Sang Kwon
Recent Trends in Environmental Science-Related Polymer Research Sung Cheol Yoon
Inorganic Chemistry Recent Trends in Inorganic Chemistry I: Bioinorganic Chemistry Mi Hee Lim
Recent Trends in Inorganic Chemistry II: Organometallic and Inorganic Materials Chemistry Bo Keun Park
Recent Trends in Inorganic Chemistry III: Metal–Organic Frameworks Hyun Sung Kim
Pukyong National University
Physical Chemistry Physical Chemistry Approaches in Advanced Materials Hyuksang Kwon
Recent Progresses in Physical Chemistry Kiyoung Park
Recent Trends in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Jae Woo Park
Chungbuk National University
Analytical Chemistry [KCS-JAIMA Joint Symposium] Analytical Chemistry with JAIMA: Biosensor Development Jeongkwon Kim
Chungnam National University
Advanced In-situ/Operando Analysis for Energy and Environmental Applications Jongwoo Lim
Seoul National University
Recent Trends in Mass Spectrometry Jae-Min Lim
Changwon National University
Life Chemistry [Life Chemistry Division-Korean Peptide Protein Society Joint Symposium] Recent Trends in Peptide Chemistry Soo Hyuk Choi
Yonsei University
Light Irradiation Deep into Life-Science Chemistry Yan Lee
Seoul National University
Organic Chemistry International Symposium on Organic Chemistry: Recent Developments on C-H Activation Reactions Sunwoo Lee
Chonnam National University
Current Trends in Organic Chemistry I: Synthetic Methodology and Catalysis Jungmin Joo
Busan National University
Current Trends in Organic Chemistry II: Synthetic Methodology and Total Synthesis Kyungsoo Oh
Chungang University
Medicinal Chemistry Innovative Therapeutics and Diagnostic Agents in Medicinal Chemistry Sun-Joon Min
Hanyang University
Material Chemistry Special Symposium on the Present and Future of Materials Chemistry Hyeon Suk Shin
Current Trends in Quantum Dots: Synthesis and Application Jongnam Park
Understanding Materials and Device Aspects of Hybrid Light-emitters Jaemin Lee
Electrochemistry In operando? Emerging Techniques for Electrocatalysis Sang-Il Choi
Kyungpook National University
Recent Progress in Photoelectrochemistry Soon Hyung Kang
Chonnam National University
Chemistry Education Current Issues and Research in Chemistry Education JiHoon Park
Busan Science High Schoool
Chemistry Education for the Science Gifted Students Sukjin Kang
Jeonju National University of Education
Environmental Energy Current Trends in Environmental Energy Wooyul Kim
Sookmyung Women's University