Invited Lectures

Division Subject Organizer
KCS [KUCST Symposium] Semiconducting Materials: Recent Trends and Outlooks Suk Joong Lee
Korea University
[Laboratory Safety Education] Laboratory Safety Education for the Graduate Students Ik-Mo Lee
Inha University
[Tutorial] Electrochemistry for Electrosynthesis Kyungwon Kwak
Korea University
[IBS Symposium] Frontiers in Molecular Recognition and Self-assembly Kimoon Kim
[BRL Symposium] Introduction of Basic Research Laboratory's researches and future Jin Kyoon Park
Polymer Chemistry Special Symposium by Leading Mid-career Polymer Scientists Byeong-Su Kim
Yonsei University
Recent Trends in Early-career Polymer Chemists Dong Ki Yoon
Recent Trends in Polymer Synthesis Tae-Lim Choi
Seoul National University
Inorganic Chemistry Emerging Researchers in Inorganic Chemistry Seungwoo Hong
Sookmyung Women's University
Recent Trends in Nano-Inorganic Chemistry Juyeong Kim
Gyeongsang National University
Recent Trends in Coordination Chemistry Hoi Ri Moon
Physical Chemistry Recent Research Trends in Biophysical Chemistry as a Point of Physical Chemist: Bioinformatics and Bio-single Molecule Analysis. Hangil Lee
Sookmyung Women's University
Recent Progresses in Physical Chemistry Sungnam Park
Korea University
Recent Progress in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Hyungjun Kim
Analytical Chemistry Current Trends of Bio/Chemical Sensors in Analytical Chemistry Seunghyun Lee
Gachon University
Recent Trends in Analytical Chemistry: Sensing and Imaging via Light-to-Matter Interactions Youngsoo Kim
Yeungnam University
Life Chemistry Nucleic Acid and Its Derivative Chemistry Junseok Lee
Current issues in Nanobio Science Yongwon Jung
Organic Chemistry Shim Sang Chul Memorial Symposium: Synthetic Methodology and Photocatalysis Eun Jin Cho
Chungang University
Current Trends in Bioinspired Synthetic Chemistry Jung Woon Yang
Sungkyunkwan University
Current Trends in Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology Hyun-Suk Lim
Medicinal Chemistry The Cutting Edge of Medicinal Chemistry Chang-Soo Yun
Latest Target Trends in Small-molecule Drug Development Ki Duk Park
Material Chemistry Recent Trends in Bio-inspired Materials Development Min Hyung Lee
Kyung Hee University
Recent Trends in Materials Chemistry Jiwon Kim
Yonsei University
Recent Trends in Organic Materials Chemistry Young S. Park
Electrochemistry Recent Trends in Electrochemistry: Physical Electrochemistry and Applications Jongwoo Lim
Seoul National University
Recent Technologies for Renewable Energy Storage and Conversion Inho Nam
Chung-Ang University
Chemistry Education Revitalizing School Inquiry Experiments and Improving Experimental Safety Education Seoung-Hey Paik
Korea National University of Education
Environmental Energy Advances in Environmental Energy Technologies using Iron Materials Sungjun Bae
Konkuk University