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Future R&D of natural gas technologies

2009년 2월 24일 11시 43분 25초
목22A5심 이곳을 클릭하시면 발표코드에 대한 설명을 보실 수 있습니다.
목 16시 : 40분
KCS School - 신성장동력과 화학산업
저자 및
백영순, 조원준, 오영삼, 이승호, 정종태
한국가스공사 연구개발원, Korea
Although natural gas is presently conveyed and used in the form of LNG, development of new process for GTL and DME will be examined. As for the use of natural gas in applications such as power generation, diesel engines, fuel cell, and noncommercial uses, the objectives for development are focused on simplified handling and liquefaction. Recently, as a part of Korea’s new growth engines with the policy of low-carbon and green growth, a roadmap for green energy development was announced by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy . Following this roadmap, the key business were divided into three groups according to the time they take to develop-projects on the development for export-leading, business creation and future-market. The future-market fields with lower technology included GTL technology were chosen for concentrated development in the long-term. The Action plan in detail will be set up in the middle of 2009. Among the strategy of GTL(DME and FT oil) development in Korea, KOGAS DME technology and GTL plan is to find how to support for government policy and to develop for business strategy. As we know that LNG ships are relatively expensive and transportation is more costly than for conventional liquid products, we must develop the GTL technologies that a substantial part (about 20%) of world energy use is devoted to transportation, which creates most of the growth in energy use and remains persistently a market for liquid fuels. GTL has been considered not ready for wide-scale commercial application. However, on the strength of the growing transportation markets, the desire to monetize the large reserves of gas in the world, and steady advances in the technology, GTL has emerged as the first commercially viable process to convert large amounts of natural gas into liquid fuels. These gas conversion technologies will probably play an important role in the development of additional gas production. This paper deals with the status of KOGAS’ DME development and GTL plan that is developing the technologies of the GTL industry