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114th General Meeting of Korean Chemical Society Synthesis and Characterization of Thieno[3,4-b]thiophene(TT)-based Donor-Acceptor Alternating Copolymers

Submission Date :
8 / 28 / 2014 , 13 : 59 : 58
Abstract Number :
Presenting Type:
Poster Presentation
Presenting Area :
Authors :
최수나, 박지은, 신지철, 조민주, 최동훈*
고려대학교 화학과, Korea
Assigned Code :
POLY.P-47 Assigend Code Guideline
Presenting Time :
10월 15일 (수요일) 16:00~19:00
Recently, Donor-acceptor (D-A) alternating conjugated copolymers are the most promising and attractive materials for electronic and optoelectronic applications. As a acceptor moiety, thieno[3,4-b]thiophene (TT) unit enhances the backbone planarity and promotes the delocalized electron distribution along a polymer backbone. Also, anthracene (ANT) unit in polymer structures affects the chain-packing and alignment behavior as a donor. In this study, we demonstrate synthesis and characteristics of TT-ANT-based conjugated polymers. The effect of anchoring position of TT unit from the 2,6- to the 9,10-position in the anthracene ring was investigated on the semiconducting property. In addition, we investigated their physical properties by thermal analysis, cyclic voltammetry and absorption spectroscopy. Eventually, we successfully fabricated field-effect transistor devices to study their charge transport properties.