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114th General Meeting of Korean Chemical Society Electronic circular dichroism spectroscopy of 2-amino-1-phenylethanol in a supersonic jet

Submission Date :
8 / 28 / 2014 , 15 : 22 : 36
Abstract Number :
Presenting Type:
Poster Presentation
Presenting Area :
Authors :
정창섭, 홍아람, 김남준*
충북대학교 화학과, Korea
Assigned Code :
PHYS.P-434 Assigend Code Guideline
Presenting Time :
10월 15일 (수요일) 16:00~19:00
We obtained the electronic circular dichroism (CD) spectrum of (R)-(-)-2-amino-1-phenylethanol (R-AP) and its hydrated clusters produced in a supersonic jet using resonant two photon ionization spectroscopy. The R-AP and its clusters were irradiated by left and right-handed circularly polarized (LCP and RCP) laser pulses generated using a photoelastic modulator and the difference between the ion signals produced by LCP and RCP pulses was recorded as a function of the wavelength to obtain the CD spectra. We identified the origin bands of the S0-S1 transition for two different conformers of R-AP present in the jet. Theoretical calculations were carried out to predict the structures of the conformers as well as their CD signs of the origin bands.