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제119회 대한화학회 학술발표회, 총회 및 기기전시회 Highly Efficient Green Zn-Ag-In-S/Zn-In-S/ZnS QDs by a Strong Exothermic Reaction for Down-Converted Green and Tripackage White LEDs

2017년 3월 21일 09시 45분 17초
KCS.O-3 이곳을 클릭하시면 발표코드에 대한 설명을 보실 수 있습니다.
목 10시 : 31분
한국다우케미칼 우수논문상 수상자 구두발표
저자 및
고민지, 윤희창, 유희연, 오지혜, 도영락1,*
국민대학교 화학과, Korea
1국민대학교 생명나노화학과, Korea

Highly efficient green-emitting Zn-Ag-In-S (ZAIS)/Zn-In-S (ZIS)/ZnS alloy-core/inner-shell/outer-shell quantum dots (QDs) were synthesized using a multi-step hot injection method with a highly concentrated zinc acetate dihydrate (HZAD) precursor. We realized ZAIS/ZIS/ZnS QD growth via five sequential steps: a core growth process, a two-step alloying-shelling process, and a two-step outer-shelling process with regard to band gap engineering along with an enhancement of the photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY). To enhance the PLQY of ZAIS/ZnS QDs, we added a ZIS inner-shell with a band gap located between the ZAIS alloy core and the ZnS shell using a strong exothermic reaction. The synthesized ZAIS/ZIS/ZnS QDs displayed a high PLQY of 87 % and a peak wavelength of 501 nm. The dual-color down-converted light-emitting diodes (DC-LEDs) that combined the best PLQY ZAIS/ZIS/ZnS QDs and the blue-emitting InGaN LED exhibited a high luminous efficacy (LE) of 154 lm/W at 60 mA. We also realized a tri-package white DC-LEDs using a blue (B) InGaN LED, a green (G) ZAIS/ZIS/ZnS QD-based DC-LED, and a red (R) ZCIS/ZnS QD-based DC-LED. A careful evaluation of the vision and color performance using LE, the color rendering index (CRI), the CRI for strong red (R9), and the external quantum efficiency (EQE) was conducted with the correlated color temperature (CCT) over the range of 2,700 K to 10,000 K. The RGB tri-package white DC-LEDs exhibited high LE (72 lm/W) and excellent color qualities (CRI = 95, R9 = 93, EQE = 0.28) at a CCT of 2,700 K.