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128th General Meeting of Korean Chemical Society Optically tunable plasmonic chiral superstructure

Submission Date :
8 / 19 / 2021 , 10 : 10 : 36
Abstract Number :
Presenting Type:
Oral Presentation
Presenting Area :
Analytical Chemistry - Oral Presentation of Young Analytical Chemists II
Authors :
Siyeong Hwang, Juyong Gwak1, Jaebeom Lee2,*
Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Chungnam National University, Korea
1Department of Biomaterials Science, Pusan National University, Korea
2Chemistry, Chungnam National University, Korea
Assigned Code :
ANAL2.O-1 Assigend Code Guideline
Presenting Time :
FRI, 09 : 00
2D metasurfaces have engaged enormous academic attention from their properties of manipulating polarized light and relatively facile fabrication. A new facile fabrication method for 2D chiral metasurface using magnetic field-induced nanoarray was proposed herein to make amend of current 2D metasurfaces and to develop dynamic in-situ tenability. The tunability of a chiroptical response was certified through adjustments of the curvature applied to the substrate. The application of the curvature induced a skew angle which is an angle between pattern direction and curvature, and it broke the symmetry of the structure which resulted in chirality. When the skew angle got closer to ±45°, a circular dichroism spectrum intensity got bigger which means the chiral response was enhanced. This extremely facile fabrication approach to magnetic self-assembly nanoarray inspires possibilities of mass production and a wide-range detection.