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130th General Meeting of Korean Chemical Society Photoelectrochemistry of Metal Nanoclusters: What Makes Them Special?

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8 / 2 / 2022 , 17 : 17 : 24
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Electrochemistry - Recent Trends in Photoelectrochemistry
Authors :
Jin Ho Bang
Department of Chemical & Molecular Engineering, Department of Applied Chemistry, Hanyang University, Korea
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As a new class of light harvester, metal nanoclusters (NCs) have received great attention from the photoelectrochemistry community. Because of the similarity in designs and working principles of dye- and quantum dot-based photoelectrodes, photoelectrochemistry of NCs would have been considered similar until very recently. However, our group has revealed that their photoelectrochemical behavior is very different from that of traditional photosensitizers, thus raising curiosity about the underlying reasons for the surprising disparity. Recent progress and efforts in our group for a comprehensive understanding of the photoelectrochemical behavior of NCs will be presented.