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130th General Meeting of Korean Chemical Society Functionalized Fullerene-Catalyzed C-C Bond Cleavage Reactions of b-O-4 & b-1 Lignin Model Compounds

Submission Date :
8 / 3 / 2022 , 15 : 35 : 50
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Presenting Type:
Poster Presentation
Presenting Area :
Organic Chemistry
Authors :
Suk hyun Lim, Hye Mi Yoo, Dae won Cho*
Department of Chemistry, Yeungnam University, Korea
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Finding a selective and efficient fragmentation process under ambient conditions is pivotal for the generation of fuels and chemical feedstocks from lignoceullosic biomass. In the present study, visible-light and amine-functionalized fullerene-based photocatalyst-promoted photodegradation reactions of dimeric β-O-4 and β-1 lignin model compounds, containing varying numbers of methoxy substituents on the arene ring, were explored to find and develop mild, eco-friendly photochemical techniques for efficient delignification. The results showed that, in contrast to well-known organic photoredox catalysts, amine-functionalized fullerene photocatalyst promoted photochemical reactions of lignin model compounds could lead to more efficient lignin fragmentation reactions through a pathway involving a selective Cα−Cβ bond cleavage process, and in addition, Cα-hydroxyl moiety in lignin model compounds played a significant role in the success of the Cα−Cβ bond cleavage reaction of lignin model substrates