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130th General Meeting of Korean Chemical Society Automation, Robot, and Platform Technology for Future Catalysis Informatics

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8 / 3 / 2022 , 21 : 50 : 11
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Inorganic Chemistry - Chemical Industry Outlook toward Sustainable Future
Authors :
Ji Chan Park
Clean Fuel Research Laboratory, Korea Institute of Energy Research, Korea
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Catalysis is a key process in modern energy conversion, chemical manufacture, and environmental technology. In particular, heterogeneous catalysts dominate industrial catalysis. 80% of the industrial catalytic processes involve the use of solid catalysts. Recently, automation is gaining popularity for new material discovery. Automation and robots are efficient tools to accelerate throughput and reduce human labor. Furthermore, other opportunities such as artificial intelligence are emerging to explore complex chemical spaces. This talk will focus on new platform technologies for reference nanocatalysts achieved by a smart laboratory based on automated tools, computer programs, and cooperative robots. In particular, a fully automated catalyst synthesizer, high-throughput catalyst screening system, and automation of electrode catalyst will be introduced. We hope platform nanocatalysts with high dispersion of active metals to be spread for future catalysis informatics, expecting the related digital data could be a game changer in the research and industry of heterogeneous catalysis.