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130th General Meeting of Korean Chemical Society novel vibrational microscopic techniques to overcome the limitations in space, penetration depth, and sensitivity

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8 / 5 / 2022 , 16 : 29 : 01
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KCS - [IBS Symposium] Frontiers in Molecular Spectroscopy and Imaging
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Jong Min Lim
Department of Chemistry, Korea University, Korea
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The development of vibrational microscopy is a critical challenge for future optical investigations targeting biomolecules and material structures. We, the vibrational microscopy team at the IBS center for molecular spectroscopy and dynamics, have continuously tried developing novel vibrational microscopic techniques to address the issues. We present super-resolution mid-infrared photothermal microscopy and sensitive stimulated Raman scattering microscopy close to the shot-noise limit. We also show that the unprecedented penetration depth of coherent Raman scattering microscopy is investigated with the wavefront correction technique.