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The Korean Chemical Society,
as an academic organization, promotes research and education
in the field of chemistry and the chemistry profession
as a vital resource for Korea's economic and social development.
The Korean Chemical Society is trying to help
actively Korean chemists and contribute to
the prosperity of all humankind in the 21st century.
The philosophy of the Society is captured in the catchphrase,
"Green Chemistry, Clean World".

Development of the Chemical Society through various academic activities

Cultivation of the future chemists and popularization of Chemistry through chemical education and outreach programs

Globalization of Korean Chemical Society through positive international activities

Development of the Chemical Society through cooperation with chemical science and other technology societies

Supporting the development of chemistry through construction of database of chemistry-related information

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Objective of KCS Activities

Contribute to
the advancement
of science

The Korean Chemical Society (KCS) strives to contribute to the advancement of science and technology with a commitment to academic and technological enhancement and promotion of chemistry and its application.

Enhancement of the Korean chemical community with a variety of academic activities Popularization of chemistry and cultivation of future chemists through chemical education activities

Improvement of the Korean chemical industry by spearheading industrial-educational cooperation

Globalization of the Korean chemical community through active participation in international affairs

Advancement of the chemical community through close cooperation among chemical academic groups

Enhancement of information utilization in the chemical sector
with a systemic chemistry information database



  • The Journal of the
    Korean Chemical Society
    (bimonthly journal)
  • Bulletin of the Korean
    Chemical Society
    (monthly journal : SCI)
  • Chemistry, an
    Asian Journal (monthly journal)
  • Physical Chemistry
    Chemical Physics (weekly journal)

Meetings, Conventions and Seminars

  • Organizes biannual (April and October)
    KCS national meetings
  • Supports meetings organized by divisions,
    regional chapters and sections of KCS
  • Organizes and participates
    in international meetings



  • An affiliate member of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) since 1985
  • Active member of the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS) since 1979
  • Works with other international chemical societies to hold joint symposia
  • One of co-sponsoring societies of Pacifichem 2005, 2010 and 2015


  • Since 1991 a participant in International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO) Received the first-place award at the 31st IChO (Bangkok, Thailand) and the 33rd IChO (Mumbai, India)
  • Sponsors "Scientific Invention Contest"
  • Contributes to the development of secondary chemical education through activities of Secondary Education Division
  • Supports activities of teachers in secondary schools


  • Compiles chemical terms and nomenclature of chemical compounds in Korean language
  • Provides professional education in chemistry and chemical sciences through:
    • Industrial Chemistry Symposium
    • Analytical Chemistry Symposium

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Korean Chemical Society (KCS) recognizes the significance of equity, diversity, and inclusion as core principles in the communities and societies of the chemical sciences. As fundamental values in fostering the proper progression of the chemical fields, the philosophies mentioned above must be integrated into our policies to promote inclusive growth.

The KCS will promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in our communities: underrepresented groups in need of support will be provided with equal opportunities; diversity in the field will be fostered through the encouragement of collaboration and employment of qualified professionals from all backgrounds; proper measures will be taken to deter discrimination for the inclusion of all underrepresented groups.

The KCS is committed to developing and implementing concrete goals for continuously evaluating our institutional structures to actively incorporate the policies and practices of equity, diversity, and inclusion.