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Reginal Chapters & Sections

  • 11 Reginal Chapters
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    • 2023 Steering Committee

      PresidentShin SeokminSeoul National University
      Vice-presidentsGeneralSung JaeyoungChung-Ang University
      ScientificKim Zee HwanSeoul National University
      PlanningLee KwangyeolKorea University
      Public AffairsYun JaesookSungkyunkwan University
      Industry-Academic CooperationChoo HyunahKorea Institute of Science and Technology
      International CooperationHwang Seong-JuYonsei University
      EducationPaik SeoungheyKorea National University of Education
      Steering CommitteeGeneralChang RakwooUniversity of Seoul
      GeneralKo Doo-HyunSungkyunkwan University
      GeneralKang Eun JooKyung Hee University
      PlanningLee Jin SeokHanyang University
      PlanningYoon Hyo JaeKorea University
      ScientificKim Tae KyuYonsei University
      ScientificLee YunmiKwangwoon University
      Public AffairsSung Bong JuneSogang University
      Public AffairsHan SunkyuKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
      Public AffairsKim JungwookGwangju Institute of Science and Technology
      International CooperationNam Jwa-MinSeoul National University
      International CooperationJung YousungSeoul National University
      Industry-Academic CooperationChoi HyeonhoSamsung Advanced Institute of Technology
      EducationKim Jun SooEwha Womans University
    • 2023 Board of Trustees

      Chang Rakwoo  University of Seoul
      Choo Hyunah  Korea Institute of Science and Technology
      CHUNG TAEK DONG  Seoul National University
      Jung Jong Hwa  Gyeongsang National University
      Jung Ok-Sang  Pusan National University
      Jung Young Mee  Kangwon National University
      Kim Chan Kyung  Inha University
      Kim Min  Chungbuk National University
      Kim Sunghwan  Kyungpook National University
      Kim Yun Hi  Gyeongsang National University
      Lee Jae-Joon  Dongguk University
      Lee Kwangyeol  Korea University
      Lee Phil Ho  Kangwon National University
      Moon Bongjin  Sogang University
      Shin Eun Ju  Sunchon National University
      Shin Seokmin  Seoul National University
      Sohn Daewon  Hanyang University
      Sung Jaeyoung  Chung-Ang University
      Yun Jaesook  Sungkyunkwan University
    • 2023 Auditors

      Heo Jung-Nyoung  Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
      Kim Sang Kyu  Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology