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108th General Meeting of Korean Chemical Society Analytical Quality Control of Toxic Compounds in the Korean Surface Water

Submission Date :
8 / 8 / 2011 , 11 : 21 : 22
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Fate and removal properties of water treatment of unregulated organic compounds
Authors :
상지대학교, Korea
Assigned Code :
KCS5-4 Assigend Code Guideline
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목 15시 : 30분
It is very important to monitor toxic pollutants in water and to assess their risk in human and environment. Nine year study titled “Monitoring and Prediction System Development of Potentially Hazardous Organics in Korean River Basin” was started in 2007 and 5th year study is now carried out. Over 275 target compounds that were selected by individual toxicity and uses will be monitored and a nationwide monitoring of toxic compounds in water was performed by 4 research teams for last 5 years. Ministry of Environment, Korea will add some toxic pollutants in Korean water quality standards after assessing the risk and occurrence. Risk on human health an ecosystem will assessed for toxic pollutant management in Korea. In this presentation, routine QC checks such as MDLs, analysis of blanks, duplicates, spike samples, internal, and surrogate standards, will be discussed thoroughly. These QC checks are well controlled in the surface water analysis and it was found that some toxic pollutants routinely detected.