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110th General Meeting of Korean Chemical Society Nanostructured materials of designed architecture for catalytic challenges

Submission Date :
9 / 10 / 2012 , 14 : 38 : 43
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Presenting Area :
KCS-GDCh-Angewandte joint symposium - Solid State Chemistry
Authors :
KAIST 화학과, Korea
Assigned Code :
KCS1-6 Assigend Code Guideline
Presenting Time :
THU, 11 : 45
Nanostructured materials such as nanoparticles and nanoporous frameworks are the central subject to many important issues currently confronted by human beings including future energy problems, environmental pollution and healthcare. This lecture demonstrates that we are in a stage to synthesize simple functional nanostructured materials such as hierarchical zeolites, mesoporous silicas and nanoporous carbons in a rational way using structure-directing agent molecules. In principle, it is possible to inscribe functionalities as a blueprint inside structure-directing molecules so that they can generate complex levels of nanoarchitecture in a rationally designed manner. Furthermore, it is important to explore chemical reactions and associated mechanisms taking place in the nanoscale environments provided by these nanomaterials. Future researches in this direction are expected to address the longstanding challenges of green chemistry and reusable energy for the sustainability of human life.