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The 1st International NanoBio Imaging Workshop 개최 알림
2011.05.31 조회 수 : 27924

The 1st International NanoBio Imaging Workshop

Nanobio imaging techniques for cells and tissues have been intensively developed during last decades for new biomedical applications in medical diagnosis and pharmaceutical drug screenings.     In addition to the widely used fluorescence based techniques such as confocal fluorescence microscopy and FRET, label-free nanobio imaging techniques such as CARS, SHG, SERS, SPR, SIMS, and MALDI based on non-linear optics, plasmon, Raman, and mass spectrometry are in rapid progress for in-vitro, ex-vivo, and finally in-
vivo biomedical applications.

This workshop is expected to offer an opportunity for experts in nanobio imaging to get together for discussing current issues and possible collaborations by sharing ideas and experiences.   

Date: June 9-10, 2011
Place: KRISS, Daejeon, Korea (

Chair: DaeWon Moon, KRISS

TaeGeol Lee, KRISS 
Jae Yong Lee, KRISS
SeHwa Kim, KRISS
Yung Doug Suh, KRICT

International Invited Speakers>
1. Prof. Luke Lee, Dept. BioE UC-Berkeley, USA, “nanoPlasmonics for subcellular imaging”
2. Prof. Sanjay Kumar, Department of Bioengineering, University of California, Berkeley, “Biomimetic scaffolds for probing cell-matrix biophysical crosstalk”
3. Prof. Dave Castner, Department of Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering, U. Washington, USA  “Development of Tools for NanoBio Studies of Peptides and Proteins”
4. Prof. Mitsutoshi Setou, Department of Molecular Anatomy,  Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan    “Clinical application of imaging mass spectrometry”
5. Prof. Hanjoong Jo,  Georgia Tech and Emory University, USA. Ewha Womans University, Korea  “Mechanobiology and Atherosclerosis”  
6. Prof. Kaoru Tamada, Institute of Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan “SPR biointerface analsysis”
7. Dr. Ian Gilmore, NPL, UK,  “Biointerface analysis with SIMS, MALDI & DESI”
8. Prof. Chi-Kuang Sun, Dept. Electrical Engr.  Nat. Taiwan Univ., Taiwan    “Harmonic Generation Microscopy for in-vivo clinical applications”
9. Prof. Andy Sukhyun Yoon, Harvard Univ., USA/KAIST. Korea, “In vivo cellular imaging by endomicroscopy”

Domestic Invited Speakers>
Dr. DaeWon Moon, KRISS “Label-free NanoBio Imaging for New BioMedical Applications”
Dr. IckChan Kwon, KIST “Role of molecular imaging in theragnosis”
Dr. TaeGeol Lee, KRISS “NanoBio Mass Imaging Technique for Disease Metabolomics”
Hark Kyun Kim, M.D., Ph.D., National Cancer Center, "Histology-directed MALDI MS for the classification

of cancers"
Prof. Sungchul Hohng, SNU   “Single-molecule four-color FRET”
Dr. JaeYong Lee, KRISS “Label-free molecular vibrational imaging based on nonlinear laser spectroscopy”
Dr. Yung Doug Suh, KRICT, "Single Particle Spectroscopy and Imaging Study at LAMP (Laboratory for

 Advanced Molecular Probing) in KRICT."
Dr. Bonghyun Chung, KRIBB “Imaging Nanomaterials for the labeling of immune cells”
Prof. Sungjee Kim, POSTECH, “Nanoparticles for Infrared In vivo Imaging”
Prof. Joon Won Park, POSTECH, “Nanoscale Imaging with Force-Based Atomic Force Microscope”



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