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외국계 엔지니어링 플라스틱 제조기업의 Mechanical Design Engineer를 모십니다.
2012.11.27 조회 수 : 20534 마감일 : 2012.12.15

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외국계 엔지니어링 플라스틱 제조기업에서 Mechanical Design Engineer를 모집하고 있습니다.


아래의 채용공고를 참고하시고 연락 부탁드립니다.






▷ 채용 부문: Mechanical Design Engineer

▷ 회사: 다국적 제조기업

▷ 회사 위치: 경기 (한국본사: 서울)

▷ Key Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for exploring and validating new innovative ideas, technical blueprint and new application technology to promote business growth by generating the required application design guideline/data to support the value proposition to sell effectively into the market.
2. To use, utilize and understand ideation tools and create and implement new ideas. Demonstrates strong capability to initiate and propose new application, design, and research ideas in application development.
3. Lead in brain storming sessions that foster innovation. Contributes with new ideas and evaluation of other new project and/or processes.
4. Lead to provide tier down activities internally and/or externally, mechanical design support to assist field team to close targets.
5. Generate new concepts on metal/glass replacement as well as part consolidation to help customer achieve cost saving or performance improvement goals.
6. Lead to translate new application technologies in design to marketing team, global counterparts and customers.
7. Strong support strategic customer and key account in design and simulation by co-working with CAE engineer

▷ Requirements:

• 5+ yrs Masters or 7+ yrs experience Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Polymers/Plastics Mechanical, or Industry Design.
• Solid understanding and rich experience in mechanical design and/or simulation.
• Understanding of mechanical engineering design, stress analysis and mechanical performance prediction.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills in both English and Korean.
• Extensive field marketing and/or industry or product management experience with demonstrated ability to turn customer/industry needs into growth opportunities.
• Successful track record of developing and executing strategic product and/or marketing plans
• Strong technical understanding of engineering thermoplastics, particularly within the Specialty portfolio
• Strong ability to lead and deliver results within a matrix team environment.
• Motivated, self starter able to work remotely and independently.
• Creative, critical thinker, good problem-solving and facilitation skills

▷ 채용 기타:

• 엔지니어링 플라스틱 제조기업(대기업)의 1차 Vendor社 근무 경력자 선호함
• 7~10년 정도의 경력자
• 개발 초기부터 함께 프로젝트 진행

▷ 직급 및 연봉: 협의

▷ 상기 job opening에 관심있으신 분께서는 아래 담당자에게 연락 바랍니다.

* 담당자: 박은주
전화: 070-7126-1947, 011-784-1463

* 담당자: 김은지
전화: 031-711-0311