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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society
ISSN 1017-2548(Print), 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 62, Number 6
December 20, 2018

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Contents File
Dehydration Reaction Catalyzed by Copper Doped Hydroxyapatite
Author : Yoon Hee Lee, Ki Young Kwon*
Page : 423 ~ 426
Keywords : Dehydration reaction, Heterogeneous catalyst, Hydroxyapatite, Copper
Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel(II) Tetraaza Macrocyclic Complex with 1,1-Cyclohexanediacetate Ligand
Author : In Taek Lim, Chong Hyeak Kim, Ki Young Choi*
Page : 427 ~ 432
Keywords : Crystal structure, Nickel(II) complex, Octahedral complex, Tetraaza macrocycle, 1,1-cyclohexanediacetic acid
Study on Recycling Technology of Waste Artificial Marble using Starch
Author : Keon Sang Ryoo
Page : 433 ~ 440
Keywords : 폐인조대리석, 열분해, 열전달, 폴리메틸 메타크릴레이트, 알루미나 ,  Waste artificial marble, Pyrolysis, Heat transfer, PMMA, α-alumina
Analysis of Mentor Teachers' Mentoring Type and Type Changes in Collaborative Mentoring Programs for Professional Development of Beginning Science Teachers' Teaching Practice
Author : Dojun Jung, Jeonghee Nam*
Page : 441 ~ 452
Keywords : 협력적 멘토링, 멘토교사의 멘토링 유형, 멘토링 유형 변화 ,  Collaborative mentoring, Mentor teachers’ mentoring type, Mentoring type change
Sampling and Analysis of Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol in Water by Using Sequential Purge and Trap (SPT) Technique
Author : Seon I Park, In Yong Eom*
Page : 453 ~ 457
Keywords : 2-MIB, Geosmin, Needle trap device, Sequential purge and trap, GC-MS
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