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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society
ISSN 1017-2548(Print), 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 62, Number 1
February 20, 2018

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Contents File
Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic Evaluation of Zinc Fluorides for Biodiesel Production
Author : Sus Indrayanah, I Nyoman Marsih, Irmina Kris Murwani*
Page : 7 ~ 13
Keywords : Zinc fluoride, Sol-gel method, Heterogeneous catalyst, Biodiesel, Crude palm oil (CPO)
Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc(II) Tetraaza Macrocyclic Complexes with Aquo and Nitrate Ligands
Author : In Taek Lim, Chong Hyeak Kim, Yoon Mi Choi, Jong Hoon Park, Ki Young Choi*
Page : 14 ~ 18
Keywords : Zinc(II) complexes, Tetraaza macrocycle, Aquo ligand, Nitrite ligand, Nitrate ligand
Synthesis of Rhamnazin and Ombuin as Methylated Metabolites of Quercetin
Author : Jongyun Jang, Dong Wook Kang*
Page : 19 ~ 23
Keywords : 람나진, 옴부인, 케르세틴, 메틸화 , Rhamnazin, Ombuin, Quercetin, Methylation
Electrostatic Formation of Chitosan-Polyacrylate Polyplex for the Preparation of Cross-Linked Hydrogel Particles
Author : Yeojin Kim, Ji Yeong Kwon, Sang Min Lee*
Page : 24 ~ 29
Keywords : 키토산, 폴리아크릴산, 폴리플렉스, 하이드로젤 , Chitosan, Polyacrylate, Polyplex, Hydrogel
Development of Hydrogel for Decrease Protein Adsorption and Application to Intraocular Lens
Author : Na Young Ko, Hyun Mee Lee*
Page : 30 ~ 35
Keywords : 인공수정체, PVP, MPC, 습윤성, 단백질 흡착 , Intraocular lens, PVP, MPC, Wettability, Protein adsorption
A Comparison of the Characteristics of Analogies Generated by Middle School Students Depending on Their Scientific Creativity, Field Independence/dependence, and Learning Approach
Author : Minhwan Kim, Donghwi Lee, Taehee Noh*
Page : 36 ~ 42
Keywords : 비유, 과학적 창의성, 장독립성, 장의존성, 학습접근양식 , Analogy, Scientific creativity, Field independence, Field dependence, Learning approach
A Case Study on the Visually Impaired Secondary Students’ Conception of the Changes of State of Water
Author : Hak Bum Kim, Jeongho Cha*
Page : 43 ~ 51
Keywords : 시각장애, 중등 교육, 물의 상태변화, 분자 구조, 촉각 모형 , Visual impairments, Secondary education, Changes of state of water, Molecular structure, Tactile model
Pre Service Chemistry Teachers’ Understanding of Science Practices During Open-inquiry Chemistry Laboratory Activities
Author : Heontae Shim, Suna Ryu*
Page : 52 ~ 63
Keywords : 탐구화학실험, 안내된 실험, 예비화학교사교육, 인식론적 주체 , Inquiry-oriented chemistry labs, Guided experiment, Pre-service chemistry teacher education, Epistemic agency
Synthesis of New Phenylalaninol, Tryptophanol and Threoninol Derived Chiral Stationary Phases
Author : Jeong Jae Yu, Jae Jeong Ryoo*
Page : 64 ~ 67
Keywords : Phenylalaninol, Tryptophol, Threoninol, Chiral separation, HPLC
Effect of Fluorinated Ligand on the Electrochemical Properties of (Diphosphine)Pt(p-SC6HF4)2
Author : Su Kyung Lee, Dong Youn Noh*
Page : 68 ~ 72
Keywords : P2PtS2 Core, Group Electronegativity, Fluorobenzene, Electrochemistry
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